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When be pregnant more than 5 months, grandpa made a telephone call to me, this is I am pregnant to call up to now the first telephone call that seeks me. The phone before or early or look for his son late, I pass mike with respect to.

He says, “Spend the New Year you come back, I had wanted 60 old age, I had not thought originally, but close friends has said festival. ” actually I know before two years he is to want to live life to oneself, he gives children people early reached the designated position with respect to accost, before two days call to his son also is not for this thing.

Grandpa so saying is to be afraid that I feel he spends money again, this nevertheless he thinks much, crossing 60 old age to place banquet is place compares a important consuetudinary, I know the etiquette and custom that this filial piety heart that use up should observe.

I: “Husband, we so go back? Do not take a gift to pa Mom? Do not take a gift to pa Mom??

“Take money the honestest. “Take money the honestest..

I: “I still do not have empty-handed to had gone back. “I still do not have empty-handed to had gone back..

“Do not have a thing, it is good to give a money more. It is good to give a money more..

I: “Then you give a telephone call is made in the home, help us bask in the quilt. Help us bask in the quilt..

“This you are at ease, pa Mom can have been cleared away for certain. Pa Mom can have been cleared away for certain..

The day that reached to come home, that day also is the most provoking day absolutely. Drive a car to transfer all the way or did not overtake a last bus on their town, be forced to live to go back again the following day in the evening in the county.

That day is his classmate drives send us to come home, although need not transfer back and forth again, but sit for long the jolt on car and road, my leg and foot are sneaking still swollen, the mainest is the back after the waist is mixed aches confoundedly.

Arrived home before every this days of 30 year lunch eventually, here consuetudinary be year 30 eat reunion meal midday. The buttock just was endured on bench, grandpa says: “2 embryoes were unlocked, you should give birth to a son. ” immediately I do not have the mood to have a meal, if saying before him over and over in the resound in my brain.

Unripe unripe female be of my decision? I am not the tool of unripe son.

“Father, have a meal rapidly, always like to talk on dining table, still cherish baby, take a car so tired, breakfast eat to still can take a rest. ” oneself husband understands my at the moment sulks of course, go to rapidly dish of the clip in my bowl.

“Daughter-in-law, eat more bit, do not have there’s still time to eat breakfast in the morning. Do not have there’s still time to eat breakfast in the morning..

I: “I am satiate, go up first rested. ” it is to only fleshy dish is done not have forever Lenten, ate a few simply to did not want to eat. The person is in seedily below condition, do not think him reluctance a bit.

“I help you take a thing. ” of bump of fart of someone fart bump follow in behind.

I: “Are you to say what has been cleared away? ” my at the moment wants to cry very much really, walking into a room is dirt everywhere, an earth also is on the bed that connects bald, see these the was deposited a year long bedding that I do not think that does not know where a place of strategic importance is can have been basked in by air.

“Murmur, laogong such as your is done immediately, it is good to assure a little while. ” I stand outside the room like a fool, want sadly dead not to know how to say again in the heart.

“Murmur, do well, you lie rapidly. ” feel bedding with the hand, I stand in bedside to was not moved.

“Murmur, husband had been felt have a bit tide but put up with can sleep. ” what he says is very cautious, I know he right now is not easy also, lie on the bed to cover the head in the quilt.

“Murmur, be asleep? Does otherwise want husband to accompany? Does otherwise want husband to accompany??

“Murmur, you do not want this look, you do not talk husband does not know how to should do, unripe fuggy bad to you and darling. Unripe fuggy bad to you and darling..

“You see pa Mom still is to you very go up of the heart, know you like to ate cooked wheaten food to still buy flour technically, say what you like upstair oneself are done. Say what you like upstair oneself are done..

“Murmur, you are twisted to me come over. ” he pulls me into his bosom, gently helped me brush tear.

“Murmur, do not cry what to have it is good that you speak out, you this appearance husband is very anxious really. You this appearance husband is very anxious really..

I: “Do you also want a son all the time? “Do you also want a son all the time??

“Husband just feels the son is close friends raise a few, unripe unripe female not important, they must not be in charge of me to call father. They must not be in charge of me to call father..

I: “Why do you always get online then check a few the feature about bosom boy and girl, come back to be about to study on my body? Come back to be about to study on my body??

“Husband is curious then, you also do not get online check. You also do not get online check..

This man beside, do not see him at ordinary times nerve is big but the moment of truth is absolutely explicit, give pass the time in a leisurely way my energy of life a little while.

“Murmur, didn’t you sleep? Didn’t you sleep??

I: “Sleep what sleeps? In the home so of chaotic, tomorrow with respect to first day of the lunar year, do not clear away others to want to see joke.

We live in 3 buildings, grandpa mother-in-law and his little brother stay in 2 buildings together. The sitting room of 2 buildings also is dirt completely, of the chaotic on sofa threw one caboodle thing.

I: “Husband, you will clear away a sitting room, I go sweeping stair and courtyard dam. I go sweeping stair and courtyard dam..

“You are slow bit. “You are slow bit..

I: “My have nothing to do, you want table and land wipe up. You want table and land wipe up..

Sweep first floor from 3 buildings, I of part of Ga Ga part was not let off. It is in the hall of first floor and courtyard dam it is the excrement that chicken pulls everywhere, processing rises very troublesome. Crossed he and his little brother a little while to helped, do saved many time.

After putting all thing classify, I went to kitchen room turning again circuit, feeling project measures range estimation huge, still be go to bed will be done tomorrow.

I: “Husband, you go doing bowl noodle to eat to me. ” I had cleared away the kitchen of 2 buildings clean, anyway flour lets him make manual range to me, be done even if time of most day dinner arrived.

“Good. “Good..

“Murmur. ” a head comes in fully outside the door.

I: “Not was to let you cook. “Not was to let you cook..

“Murmur, will let pa buy tomorrow without boiler, have rice in the evening. Have rice in the evening..

What can I still say, worked one day early hungry, do not have rice hungry abdomen ah.

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