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” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 1100 words, update at: 2017-01-16 16:10

Parental postmortem the following day, inferior dream and Li Mo did not go to school

Dong Dong Dong! One knocks sound, li Mo went the door, head on and the woman that those who see is a special beauty, she is wearing ceremonial robe or dress of a suit white, extremely beautiful! Li Mo just wanted to ask she is who was held in arms by that woman however, that wife says: “Acknowledgment is sacred, let me find Mo dim glow of the setting sun eventually! ” Li Mo all over the face interrogative, and inferior the dream sees Li Mo so long did not come up, the body that dragging exhaustion left a floor, and that wife sees inferior be held in the arms after the dream again inferior dream, “Who are you? ” inferior the dream spat these a few words hardly, “You give me in how long forgot, light snow snow ” ” who are you after all! ” inferior the dream spits these a few words hardly again again. “I am your mom! ” ” mom? ” inferior dream and Li Mo were spoken questioningly ” mom ” this 6 words. “Hey? Didn’t your foster parent tell you? ” ” my foster parent had died ” say Wan Yameng is low first, a tear not self-conscious flowed. “Not ” pacifying by the side of the answer side Li Mo inferior dream. “Oh… then I tell you! Light snow snow, you make fall cherry snow dream, it is eldest sister, small Mo Mo makes fall cherry Mo dim glow of the setting sun, it is 2 elder sister, you are the daughter with world rich head. ” inferior dream, oh not, it is Xuemeng and answer of Mo dim glow of the setting sun arrive: “Oh! ” ” that comes home with me! ” ” etc, how do my foster parent and little sister do, “Light snow snow is at ease, I can arrange a person to help them enter bury ” ” hum, that goes! ” ” hum, such it may not be a bad idea, conduce to us avenging ” ” hum, so this game began! So this game began!!

“Arrived ” the driver says, “That gets off! ” ” good ” ” hum ” . After going in, xue Meng is bit more not bad, mo dim glow of the setting sun is washed-up, stay thoroughly, actually, it is too big really too beautiful, whole house, oh not, should be whole castle it is to use gold make it, a lot of furniture uses gold make it, return the furniture that useful crystal makes of course, too many beautiful things!

After coming in, snow pa thinks to Xue Meng a Great Bear is held in the arms, but be given by the eyes of snow dream iciness however,frightened go back. “Pa Mom, you also too not generous! The elder sister came back to also do not call me. ” ” who are you? ” ” the forehead… ah! Mom! Mom! How to do, how to do, the elder sister does not remember me! ” ” confused what, be to have memorial chip! ” ” oh, right! ” after 6 minutes, dim glow of the setting sun of Mo of Xue Meng And remembered everything, mo dim glow of the setting sun says: “Pa Mom, I think you very much! ” and our Xue Meng is greatly contrary however: “Cut, I did not think. ” 4 people are not had language, (butterfly: Why to have 4 people? Filar fine jade: Do you say? ) right, elder sister, I will introduce myself anew, I make fall cherry silk fine jade, of filar fine jade the hair is be cherry pink, plunging into double horsetail, the figure like the devil, wearing skirt of a suit hubble-bubble, the skin of the small mouth Bai Zhan like cherry, the eye pupil of cherry pink.

Eldest sister 2 elder sister, I will take you to go to your respective room ” good ” Mo dim glow of the setting sun, and Where is our Xue Meng? Just nod (butterfly: Gao Leng! ) . Xue Meng’s room with crystal violet give priority to a problem, of Mo dim glow of the setting sun is with theme of crystal La Wei, the silk that we block Yi fine jade it is with crystal pink gives priority to a problem.

In the evening, xue Meng’s room

I must become strong, I must pay off the debt that reduces my parents, so, the person that I must become the dictate of this world—-By Xue Meng

The room of Mo dim glow of the setting sun

I won’t let Xue Meng was harmed again—–By Mo dim glow of the setting sun

———-Call me luxuriant cent secant please———

Butterfly decrescent of cerebral hole thinking, if everybody has an opinion, must give in time butterfly put forward!

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