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” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 824 words, update at: 2017-04-11 16:56


“I just tell you, the business that you do not do for you regrets ” Xuemeng and feather come to the classroom, come to everybody with new features before ” who are you? ” but Xue Meng does not have an answer, the word said to go!

In the home

“The thing is such ” Xue Meng watchs Mo dim glow of the setting sun ” oh… so, the elder sister’s preexistence is the child of bright queen and dark king! Those people call no wonder the elder sister call a princess highness ” Mo dim glow of the setting sun looks at Xue Meng, xuemeng feels he resembles the giant panda of the view that be surrounded

You Were The Shadow To My Light

Did You Feel Us

Another Start

You Fade Away

Afraid Our Aim Is Out Of Sight

Wanna See Us

“I receive next telephone calls ” saying, feather hastily replied house

“Hello? ” ” does the sound of your mom listen not to come out? ” ” Mom! What thing do you have? ” ” I was ordered to you marriage ” ” marriage! Be no good! ” ” feather! I said to understand to you, if your disapprobation, we fall of cherry home big daughter is rectified dead, we know your every act! ” ” Mom, you do not hit those who cross Xue Meng ” ” that hold sb under duress her little sister not have to! ” ” why be engaged to bare or bright! Be engaged to me unluckily! ” ” it is her on the top you ah! ” ” who is she? “” cosmic dictate person little sister ” glad ” ah! ” ” she… … ” saying, feather hand midstream gave blood ” we had been not fought! ” ” your marriage! … ” ” good… … ! I promise you! ! ! ! ! !!

“Feather, you come out! ” the go at of snow dream excitement feather ” Xue Meng, i… … ” feather those who be at a loss look at Xue Meng ” how? ” preparing to hold in arms feather Xue Meng stopped suddenly ” do not have a thing ” feather look up see the sky outside ” oh… … ” Xue Mengjiao is gotten feather too abnormal

In the evening

“I had eaten, reply a house first ” feather turn the head goes ” feather… … ” Xue Meng prepares to cry feather, but hesitated, did not phonate again ” I also had eaten! ” hastily ran back to house

“If really, let me listen to a calling content ” ” can be I can hear little only! ” ” irrespective ” ” that begins! ” ” irrespective ” ” that begins!!

“Your marriage! … ” ” good… … ! I promise you! ! ! ! ! ” in the ear that these two words appear suddenly in Xue Meng ” ah! ! ! ! ” harsh scream is fast sweet heart people ear film shake is broken! “Xue Meng! ! ! ! ” numerous sweet the heart looks at sweating Xue Meng, the heart can’ts help hold tight rise, fruit fruit also heard those two words, clear Xue Meng is absolutely bad to suffer, that girl that because of Xue Mengming Bai Yu’s mother says is not her

“Feather… why ah! Why! Why!!

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