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Doctor of two foreign countries came in the village, not minor sensation was caused in this little fishing village, especially that male doctor, na Shuai enrages attractive smile, the girl young married woman that allows the village became much a lot of disease should look, of course, the reason that they go to seeing a doctor still has additionally one, it is that same Shuai Derang that is together with doctors the person is anoxic man, see his smile every time, these girls people cannot help wanting flame to throb, secretly bashful, how can have so nice man, how can have the smiling expression that makes a person infatuate so.

The occurrence of these two men, letting the boys in the village is stivy very, that doctor calculated, married after all, can be additional that one, everybody looks to come out it is relative that he follows that ginger doctor obviously, but unluckily girls the decline of all with one voice, it is a friend only! Ginger doctor says! Boys the head is big, you believe such word! See that two people see the eyes of the other side each other, view that expression, you say their what also is done not have, wizard is believed! But do not have method, the person believes he is willing to believe, this group of girls also are in such is willing that believe in, that runs quickly to Home Luo Sanshu small courtyard of no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach.

Stone also very chafe, since that man that surnames willow comes, accept the business that sends an elder sister annulus be less than oneself to do. Oh, knew now, fairy elder sister surnames ginger, an Orphean name calls dusk smoke, but he or importunate call her the elder sister, as if defending this a little bit to hold to differently with others, the result that can yield him arrives a few comfort.

When seeing that man appears beside the elder sister every time, saying him to understand not if, see showing open-armed smile gives inaccessibly on elder sister face, although replace an elder sister glad, but also feeling that man is honest is very dazzling, he can let elder sister laugh, is if saying because of him namely, the elder sister understood, stone hate hates thinking, oneself also should learn the word that the sister says certainly, such ability… ability… ability how, stone feels embarrassed suddenly a bit rise, want to denounce an elder sister when daughter-in-law such thought, want not to have the courage to think usually really, appear because of what be that man recently, this thought just is in brain slowly float come out, let him know, fairy and same elder sister, also should be together with the man, although he beats dead to also do not agree to admit, that man, with the elder sister very suitable really.

Resemble now, pass through the window of wholesome place, can see ginger dusk smoke is giving a patient make a diagnosis and give treatment, liu Shizhen sits outside the window to call, two people are lying between a wall, resemble a picture.

Ginger dusk smoke gives the drug on the teenager that is hurt not carefully by fishing fork, auditive, preoccupied however audition is worn the low conversation sound of the Liu Shizhen outside the window.

“Hum, found. Found..

“Very good, gave some of issue namely. Gave some of issue namely..

“Alas, him feeling was swung again. Him feeling was swung again..

“Next week? Differ do I go back? This brother, so rapid move marries, the emergency that says last comes true? The emergency that says last comes true??

“Ah, good envy, you married, I talk about love afresh even, do not know this time to want to be swung a few times… “

Ginger dusk smoke has some of be agitated suddenly, wrap up to the teenager good cut, beck is already good, next he leaves watch sb go away, a person sits on the chair to syare blankly.

The sound outside still is being transmitted ceaselessly, but she does not listen however, she is taking a look.

She thinks Liu Shizhen is cheating him all the time, they are to having very special concern certainly, otherwise oneself retain his name impossibly only, the matter that thinks he is lying in her self nothing more than it is to be afraid that oneself are too much pressure, do not want to let what she is forced accept him with the sort of relation.

She admits to see the first times his, she has to him ineffable enchanted, know he is beside, install to have ineffable heart, that night, it is the one night that since she has memory, sleeps the most smooth and steadily, because, he says he is in next door. Next door, because this place had him, listening to let ginger dusk smoke feel warm.

But so, these are the idea of own one’s own wishful thinking, he said to be swung, want to talk about love afresh, probably, they are very good friends only really, have respective life severally, have respective sweet heart…

Ginger dusk smoke sighed depressedly, have the life since memory, is this first time to be lovelorn? But, this is loved also be broken too indescribably!

Liu Shizhen hanged a phone, the mood is a little complex, are Xu Darong and Yin bright phearl firm so the marriage of too impatient to wait? Regard good brother as warlike and friendly little sister, how differring do oneself come is a collective bridal? Think of Xu Staff Sergeant is about to become married public figure, and oneself, go up to had come afresh in the way that seeks a doctor even, oneself are like distance marriage, more and more distant…

Liushi presses down face about, the great career helping a person that considers doctor seeing ginger was finished, did not think of to turn first, see one pair is ticked off continuously draw the big eye that staring at oneself, frightened jump.

“How? ” the eyes that Liu Shizhen is not added to conceal by this looks flusteredly, these two days, ginger dusk smoke gets along with his is all the time polite and maintain a distance, both neither appears too ripe harvest to did not feel aloof again, this kind of eyes, the town when allowing a surname ases if before returning her to leave, when two people are together, when she has, meeting so look at oneself, decide surely, affectionate, like that second half jokes half flesh admits to say on one really, “So handsome man, be mine? Be mine??

Of course, press down when willow at the moment won’t think ginger dusk smoke can say this one, but if she issues one second to say, the brain that lets Liu Shizhen as much is blank one second, do not know how to should reply.

Ginger dusk smoke looks at Liu Shizhen, language fast very fast, very fluent, without the messy of a tiny bit, also do not have little feel embarrassed, she asks, “Liu Shizhen, do you have a girlfriend? Do you have a girlfriend??

Be given to ask by this problem in the Liu Shizhen with one-up talking around all along be stupefied, ” have ” how does word card also say to be not exported however in throat, look at ginger dusk smoke to be without place to become aware one face curiosity wants to know the face of the answer only, “Not ” these two words also say not to come out.

Liu Shizhen so be stupefied, have a girlfriend, he himself also does not know how to should reply.

Ginger dusk smoke looks at hesitant Liu Shizhen, some feel puzzled, does this problem have so difficult answer? Have even if have, do not have even if be done not have.

“Have… the woman of very special love. ” Liu Shizhen hesitated after an instant, reply.

“Oh… such ah. ” ginger dusk smoke has some of lose, connect that pair of pupil, bleak go down.

Liu Shizhen looks in the eye, corners of the mouth can’ts help going up slightly raise, it seems seeks the doctor’s way, those who compare him forecast is even a few more successful.

“Do not want to know who the individual is then? “Do not want to know who the individual is then??

Liu Shizhen’s sound rings in side side, ginger dusk smoke this ability Jing becomes aware, he does not know when, come to oneself before, two people are apart from such close, connect his root root eyelash, look so clearly, his smile, 7 minutes serious, dichotomy fun, still one is divide small tricky.

Heartbeat, of arise suddenly accelerate.

Love, came so, perhaps say, never leave.

“Bang! “Bang!!

The shutting with heavy before Liushi town window, leave the Liu Shizhen that one facial spring warms the smile that spends becomes inflexible immediately, muttering say.

“The reaction of this woman, still be really as always unexpected letting a person ah… “

“Go. ” the ginger dusk smoke that closes good window, the walks out of wholesome place directly door with auspicious mood, look to also did not see the Liu Shizhen behind.

” so went? ” Liu Shizhen catchs up with, “Did not want to know the answer? “Did not want to know the answer??

“What to know, ” ginger dusk smoke is bearing a smile, “The answer is so clear. “The answer is so clear..

“Have? ” Liu Shizhen suspects deeply, this period of time did not see, the skill of hold up younger sister that is his degraded or the cost of the doctor that fight hold up rises to a new height.

“Swung hello a few that individual, be me? ” head of side of ginger dusk smoke looks at Liu Shizhen, big eye shines suddenly suddenly, be in a moment ago he looks attentively at himself that is flashy, that conceal does not live show tender affection for, spill over the deep feeling of eye eye, let her know the anguish that when meeting for the first time, he bears, with complex eyes, that is, love greatly, and must not. I am sorry, I forgot you; I am sorry, I harmed you.

“Apology need not, if be professioned word, I am accepted… ” the word did not say, was interrupted by ginger dusk smoke.

“Since be,was swung, so, can you interact with me? Can you interact with me??

Liu Shizhen is stupefied once more, still do not have in his life resemble once such, oneself expressional system cannot have run inside Zhong Zhi very continuously.

This, be her certainly?

Nevertheless, be like her really.

“Is this professioning with me? ” the sound that Liu Shizhen lets him as far as possible sounds not so big rise and fall, but, his heartbeat gets Dong Dong to make sound, his hand is trembling slightly, his tear is in ready to do sth, he all over blood is in clamour, be in howl, hold her in the arms! Kiss her! Want her!

“Sound so unidentified show? ” ginger dusk smoke instigates beautiful the top margin of a page that devote, “If my profession unsuccessful word, can you call in? Can you call in??

“Not OK, ” the heart that Liu Shizhen also can’ts restrain that boiling again, without any hesitation, make a long arm, emphatic this woman closely hold in the arms into the bosom, that force is such big, almost the tooth kneads her into the body, what be aware of not easily go out to choke with sobs fully in sound, “Professioned person, want to bear the blame to me. Want to bear the blame to me..

Ginger dusk smoke by greatly the hug is flooded, that chest is strong and hard, that bosom warmth is close, dimly a kind of familiar feeling comes over, her canthus, so wet rise, what tear comes is abrupt in that way, knowing however is for what, she extends an arm, annulus lives his waist, the movement is so natural, resemble once been do countless times same, unexpectedly emerge the grievance of mind, erupt as what tear can’ts help, the helpless, loneliness of these days, every day the uneasiness of nocturnal night, each early morning awakes, in the head as before a blank is disappointed, the magical in this hug harbour that found get sth off one’s chest, tear is breathed and billowy, hit wet the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket before Liushi presses down a bosom.

Ginger dusk smoke is without those who scruple crying, with respect to stray like child, found the home suddenly, her emphatic, of reoccupy force hold firmly at the moment this man, this makes Liu Shizhen’s man, these days are accompanying her, give her power, let her importunate name, appear in her life eventually, she is unidentified so, what do not know why to can have is enchanted, she knows only, this momently, the bosom that compares him without what is more good, more warm. Be like,her heart melts in this warm bosom water, ripple affection, precipitation becomes love… also do not want to leave again.

Liu Shizhen feels she is crying, the tear **** that feels her oneself the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket, he was moved, want slight pull open a distance to have a look at her well, this tiny movement, change ginger dusk smoke more emphatic holds firmly, her face more the wind that emphatic buries into him, the create a sensation with breathed shoulder.

Liu Shizhen is obliged to hold firmly again the woman in the bosom, some prickle the eye, the tear of boiling hot a few be about to seize the socket of eye and go out.

“Dusk smoke, I am sorry, I come late… “

“Ouch! ” ring nearby painful breathe out.

The mood with ginger dusk abandon smoke is interrupted by of this accident, slowly convergent mind, the head is raised to come before the bosom that presses down from willow, it is the stone that does not know when to appear so, do not know how, trip is on the ground, a pair of eyes, foolish still be stupefied two looks at close hug to be together people that be stupefied.

“Fast unlock, did not see somebody came? ” the town when ginger dusk smoke pushed a willow, did not drive, the temperature on the face lifted immediately rise.

“Early saw. ” Liu Shizhen not be willing to part with or use unlocks ginger dusk smoke, he just won’t tell her that foolish because saw,boy is too crossed the out of control below residue of visual percussive spectacle to just throw a mouth to gnaw mud, nevertheless Liu Shizhen is willing to treat this setting very much however, it is blind that this boy becomes him these days, the appearance that when reading ginger dusk cigarette, fast drop out comes to eyeball makes him special accurate.

Of blame of ginger dusk smoke white a Liu Shizhen, oneself do not have discovery, reddish the face of be ashamed of double buccal He Jiao, add the eye wave of this soft heave overflow, make Liu Shizhen’s Adam’s apple not self-conscious rolled, the take up with the clear line of chin.

Ginger dusk smoke goes by, the means that increases sign with the eyes enquires stone, “Don’t have a thing? “Don’t have a thing??

“Oh… not, do not have a thing. ” stone quite a while just reacts come over, tongue-tied say.

That fairy and general elder sister in his heart, wanting to feel repeatedly is profanatory and same existence, in that way was held in the arms to be in the bosom by this man, and, and, she not only did not refuse, still, still respond to gripped that man! Stone feels his world is dark, the small flame of the love that stirs more than 20 years for the first time, such, went out…

Liu Shizhen also goes by, bending a waist partly, strong stone extends a hand to come, want to pull him, limbs language is good, regrettablly that eyes, let what stone always has some of Mao Mao in the heart it seems that. But, do not be defeated by a person blast, stone looked sidelong at Liu Shizhen, consider oneself from stand up, disregard that to extend projecting palm only, take the land that takes a body to go up.

“He receives you everyday? ” Liu Shizhen a bit is not awkward receive return a blow, ask to ginger dusk smoke.

“Hum, everyday. ” ginger dusk smoke is looked at comically the stone that pouting the mouth to leave in anger is proud with one face the Liushi of charming is pressed down, hm, the look that sees jealous eventually today, before two days but be installed very much,magnanimous, resemble a good friend really it seems that same, reveal the property that gives a boy friend today.

“On the share that if it were not for saw save you together in he and Luo Sanshu… ” the eye since Liu Shizhen narrow one’s eyes, horn of twitch one’s mouth.

“How? ” ginger dusk smoke asks curiously.

“Do not know how to should thanks gift is nice. ” Liu Shizhen answers rapidly.

Ginger dusk smoke yell rise, what to remember suddenly again, “Oh, I am a doctor, this I knew, is Liushi presses down you what do? Is Liushi presses down you what do??

“… “

Brush in Liu Shizhen’s head brush the argument that before brushing thrill through, has been tossed 3 times by ginger dusk smoke, some are looking at the eyes of curiosity of ginger dusk smoke piteously, he ases if see oneself were swung the 4th times…

“How? Cannot say? ” the looks at Liu Shizhen to embarrass pattern with ginger dusk erratic smoke, a word is exported, resembling in the heart is like be being bumped into by what, the abrupt thrill through is familiar with one tiny bit trace in the head.

Cannot say…

Press a regulation, cannot say detailed condition…

Cannot know where to go to… cannot know what to doing…

Connect gone, should keep secret according to the regulation…

Ginger dusk smoke exerts all his strength close a key point, want what to capture, but only flashy, became a blank again.

“How? ” Liu Shizhen discovers ginger dusk smoke is something wrong strong.

“Seem what to remember suddenly, but, did not have again. ” ginger dusk smoke opens an eye disappointedly, some are depressed.

“Irrespective, can think slowly. ” the touching ginger dusk smoke head that Liu Shizhen feels distressed, if the Daniel since the noise side ear says.

“The examination came out as a result, remember degenerative matter, followed to be injected the medicaments with paralytic nerve is concerned, destroyed the nerve center, not bad dosage is not too much, what can forget is basic forget almost, also won’t continue to degrade, want to do now, wake up her namely, the meaning of Dr. Wang Yu, begin from now, new environment is helpful for her head ministry to the environment suit, if be eager to returning her familiar place, exciting too large possibility can be caused instead more serious degrade, so, staying temporarily is better choice here, the first phase that is rehabilitation cure, suit first. Suit first..

To who gave ginger dusk smoke to inject then that blamed medicine, the answer is beyond question, liushi presses down those who hate hate to remember Shashana piece without Gu You’s evil-minded face, regret to let her die so easily really.

“Think so, without what worser than now, break recall, roam about, do not know others, do not know oneself, do not know to will come, also did not go, oneself existence, resemble air same, invisible, feel do not wear, what sense is there? ” faint sound has the voice of ginger dusk smoke, immediately laughed again.

“But feel suddenly now again, do not have actually so bad, have proficiency in a particular line, can feed oneself, have a boy friend, not be a loner at least. Not be a loner at least..

“Hum, more important is, the boy friend is very handsome still. ” Liu Shizhen is laughing at interface.

“Really… ” ginger dusk smoke by amusing, “Is the kind that so I like such? “Is the kind that so I like such??

“Still have, ” the face that Liu Shizhen moves close to ginger dusk smoke suddenly, “Who says air is not important, to me, you are as important as air, leave you, cannot live. Cannot live..

Ginger dusk smoke was stood by suddenly to frighten by him jump, be said mind is smally to swing by the lovers’ prattle of this soft again, look at his eyes, write inside full unapproachable serious, this word says so straight-outly, so natural, the lovers’ prattle that may say between a men and women, let ginger dusk smoke feel however, the heft of this word, be like, had experienced part for ever really, so full, so heavy, let her feel some are sentimental.

Soft tactility flits suddenly on the lip, if electric current delimits commonly,cross a lip, arrived at a heart.

Ginger dusk smoke still does not have reaction to come over, steal sweet successful Liu Shizhen already one face have one’s way laughs at the retreating of chant chant to leave.

Did not go too far stone, again of firm firm threw a mouth to gnaw mud, fall this more firm, the pose is uglier.

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