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” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 1279 words, update at: 2017-08-20 21:46

Do not know why child the thinks evasive Xie Ziye mood with book subliminal .

Child book pats the A Yu beside. Laugh at: to A drive? Cong Fang of ハ of  of Ran of saddle ⒂  breaks  of emperor pregnant random road! ?

Child the inclination with book clever drive, he is small still, but do not understand on behalf of his what, saw oneself this bath should be washed some longer.

Xie Ziye did not manage child the eyes before book drive is faced, he is so silent sit where to look at child book . The imply in the eyes is unidentified. He also knows child book now in the heart bad to suffer, the surface looks at what thing to also be done not have, but she never has mentioned Cai Shen and Wu Can are not. Not be not afflictive, just continue to live even. She is sensible, sober, know oneself want how to be done. Such more appear it is so important that he is done not have, she must not want.

Child the person is not lacked beside book . No matter because,be her familial, still be her itself. She is glisten, and oneself these year, for her, after before running, running, it is a boy friend, also still oneself announce, child book is not responded to, do not refuse, without the explanation. Everything is to be in the look that takes an a way of escape to oneself. On feeling, go all out in work besides oneself, oneself are in hard, oneself are being maintained. If he searchs no longer,Xie Ziye believes child book , do not have a few days so oneself are predecessor.

Child book . You are actual really let me fear…

Be immersed in the lamp that contemplative Xie Ziye did not discover to the sitting room will shine, still have child book is being moved before the thing is busy busy the form after.

He is immersed in a deadlock completely, the deadlock of of book of a birdcall, it is to abandon, still be continual chooses.

Feeling needs two people to safeguard, have the feeling that a person gives only forever, can be carry a torch only at most, perhaps saying is dark love. Two the individual’s things. Need two people to solve. Be like, two the individual’s feeling, need two people to manage, two people are maintained, two people together. Need comity without who who. Love. Need response. Need esteem. Love needs to love…

Child book did not disturb Xie Ziye all the time, also do not know even oneself why. More do not know how to should be solved now such situation…

A Yu is wearing child book just bought those who answer the dress gently that come to go child beside book , those who look at low head business child book . A Yu does not know why in the heart uncomfortable, he does not like child book now and then those who show is depressed. In his heart, child book is the in relief bright fawn on that laughs in the house of that complete darkness forever child book . He likes in that way child book .

Ayu is pulled child book , child book saw him also did not say what takes him to dining table, the head that taps him worked into the kitchen again next.

“Catalpa bright. ” confused medium Xie Ziye heard sound to be stupefied to fell to return to reality next, child on book face flatly light, do not look to give what mood, see Xie Ziye answers a god continue: ? Unplug with admonish plum buy makes fun of umbrella of  コ garden! ?

Child the sound of book is very tender, very special. Sweet, of glutinous glutinous, resemble dot, end sound still has a few hoarse feelings.

Before Xie Ziye looks at an eye child book , abrupt him discovery is in completely suffer from one’s own actions.

Of of such two pairs book oneself not at all man.

Pull handle book into the bosom, nose needle transmits light lampblack flavour.

This momently. Xie Ziye feels very warm. Thinking, later without giving thought to how. Return the home, child book can take so light fireworks flavour to receive his. Such child book also does not have taste one time.

“Catalpa bright! ” child book bends over passively to go up personally in Xie Ziye some are helpless, this man is true today is abnormality is OK! Did not see still have children in the home!

Xie Ziye was laughing to unlock child book , help her arrange arrange knitted dress, hold of bottle opener book in the arms to go toward dining table.

A Yu sits on dining table, it is before child the meal with book ready .

“Although sell not up to much… but true eatable. ” child book nest is in Xie Ziye bosom, drive seeing A was not moved all the time explain in a low voice.

Later, 3 people eliminated one desk meal together. What A Yu eats is happy, he is originally OK nevertheless very happy but because Xie Baibai holds A of A Yu in the arms on the body all the time,let A Yu look particularly uncomfortably. What the first meal that so A Yu is in A Home just has is happy. All these blames Xie Baibai!

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