Flying moth of the 49th chapter attacks 广州品茶上课资源fire

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Who knows? Who understands flying moth to attack a what kind of story is fire?

Flying moth attacks fire, that, be destined already is a tragedy.

Be fire fell in love with flying moth? Be still flying moth fell in love with fire?

When one day, flying moth met ammunition, was attracted deeply by igneous tenderness then, left place, fly to fire, finally, finally, be about to die however the ground says: You, be the sweet happiness that I pursue all one’s life! You why? Bestow however my brimless iciness and darkness? Why. . .

Handle a funeral affair of good grandma, with aunt them house clean clean outside back room.

Chen Ke aunt Chen Sairong, year about 40 the left and right sides, powdery black is not applied on fair and clear face, on the face that charm still puts clean grace, she Chen Ke in invade bosom, the head that stroking her gently fondly says: “Cocoa, my pitiful nephew, oneself and mother little brother are taken care of after answering S city, what thing remembers calling to aunt. What thing remembers calling to aunt..

Chen Ke in the bosom that clever ground leans on gently in aunt, say: “Aunt, you also are fastened sad, the grandma is to look for father and grandfather nevertheless they reunited, so we do not cry, the grandma will be grouchy. The grandma will be grouchy..

Aunt Chen Sairong listened, can’t help shedding next tear, she is very fond of sincerely mix as a child oneself closest little brother this pair of children.

Sent aunt Chen Sairong, chen Ke they child, cleared away simple baggage, returned the home of S city.

Clear away everything in good home, already was crepuscular almost, the family sits on the table to eating the meal that raise of little brother Chen Yu does, the frontier is saying a little.

Chen Ke the mom that sees oneself appears at a draught a lot of gaunter, a few wrinkle also are added in vain on fair and clear face, white hair already saw occasionally on the head, as if between one night a lot of ageder, in her heart one painful, cover gently wind, the feeling is very afflictive.

The raise of little brother Chen Yu that is having a meal, the Chen Ke that views such expression, he is taking the expression that is anxious indefinitely to say it seems that on pretty and handsome face: “Elder sister… you… don’t you have a thing? “Elder sister… you… don’t you have a thing??

Chen Ke calm centering god, raise a head to come slowly, light tone says: “A Di, elder sister is very good, do not have a thing, do not worry. Do not worry..

Old Yu Yang says: “Elder sister, the feeling is afflictive, you want to cry to come with respect to cry out, such meeting feel better are nodded, on the mourning hall of the grandma, you do not cry to be troubled by all the time, this makes me very afraid. This makes me very afraid..

Chen Ke chuckle below, say: “A Di, elder sister does not have a thing really! You are at ease, elder sister still has you, do you say to be opposite? Do you say to be opposite??

Old Yu Yang gently hum sound, say: “Mom, elder sister, I will go to work tomorrow! I will go to work tomorrow!!

Right now, mom talked, she says: “Girl… your little brother is grown, unlike is euqally piquant before, sensible, I also was at ease. I also was at ease..

Chen Ke nod gently, gentleness says: “Mom, you need not worry about us again after, your body also not very is good, resting in the home well! You also do not do the what thing in the home, the farewell after letting us come off work will do. The farewell after letting us come off work will do..

Mom laugh says: “Mom is very glad, you are mom’s poppet, was opposite, how are you that to return a responsibility? Your little brother makes your telephone call all the time is to close of machine, your grandma she… “

Look at the expression that mom desire character stops again, chen Ke the ground of bowl chopsticks light tone in dropping a hand says: “Mom, you want to say what says, want to tell me what says, the mobile phone that I answer on does not have report, i… I forget filled, so… “

Mom sighed gently, put down the bowl chopsticks in the hand, light tone says: “Girl, mom did not blame you, just look at the name that there are you sister younger brother all the time before your grandma is mortal that time, still staring at a doorway helplessly to look, say she sees your father and grandfather will receive her again, but she wants to visit your sister younger brother finally very much again, i… I am listening to feel afflictive, i… I am looked at feel feel sad, i… ” mom is saying to saying to choking with sobs to say no less than going to.

Chen Ke gnash one’s teeth, keep back stubbornly the tear that wants to pour out of, light tone says: “Mom, nevered mention it, I know, I know, mom, you also worked hard, eat a meal to be washed wash sleep, beside you bad, not too tired. Not too tired..

Mom says gently: “Girl, I know, you two sister younger brother also rests earlier, know, you did not want A Di to go out again, sleep well shut-eye! Sleep well shut-eye!!

Old Yu Yang feels very tired really, he also puts down the bowl chopsticks in the hand, spread falls the both hands of some ache, say: “Mom, I knew! Elder sister, you also did not think more, breakfast rests. Breakfast rests..

Chen Ke say gently: “A Di, elder sister knew, you and mom rest, I come to the thing clear away. I come to the thing clear away..

After the meal, chen Ke dismiss mom and little brother go resting, she a person, had cleared away the thing, wash clean.

Although feel good exhaustion, but Chen Ke however a bit drowsiness also is done not have, she goes in the courtyard slowly, on the swing that takes below the yulan magnolia tree of the courtyard.

Look up, see the S city heaven that the setting sun leaves on the west only, golden, flowery and solemn and stirring, everywhere yulan magnolia is beautiful, wave in the wind unripe sweet.

There are a lot of fallen leaveses on the ground, below illuminate of the setting sun, have doleful raging fire like combustion, in a flash falls the incomplete of full ground encroach on, do not have breath ground soundlessly, scatter fall in Yu Laxia.

Chen Ke mouth sighed gently, the heart thinks: Perhaps, this is withered flourish alternant, the artistic conception of metempsychosis of life and death, do not know to be now in the forest, also be numerous flower falls, great achievements again and again? Still be withered of 10 thousand leaves, wind crosses Lin Sao, the backside that the setting sun wails, be Leng Yuening frost? Is the Bei that still appeals to endless be on the wane then cool? Often these beautiful scenery of these nature and incomplete fall, it is never-failing of depict of the wording and purpose of what one writes of guest of Chinese ink of how many bookman absolutely beautiful scenery, their inspiration seems to be the same as with care with nature happy, the wording and purpose of what one writes writes down how much unique Shi Wen, shake Gu Jin, or, these characters all result from again of opposite life fugacious or be life plaint momently with but stopped.

Chen Ke gently forced smile, she takes the mobile phone on the table, gently dot opens screen, want to land the QQ order that issues Feng Wu to look, is he in busy what? How don’t several days see he telephoned, who knows, be not landed however, she thinks, the likelihood is password fault, then she is inputted afresh again, still be no good, tried the number that oneself remember countless times continuously, it is indication password mistake.

She suddenly the earth’s core one painful, tear, the pupil that from her beauty is like water slowly flow, as her slightly gaunt on the face that does not lose clear beauty again however drippy be in everywhere on yulan magnolia flower, resemble a bead that broke a string is same, she gently, deeply light sob wears chilly.

Chen Ke the space that opens oneself, see the place in Feng fierce space concerns everything at oneself however, breathed ground disappears danger, it is good that she feels the heart is very painful suddenly painful, one not careful, fell from swing at a draught, what go up personally is painful how reach a heart in painful, she sits feebly on the ground, mutter say: “How to meet such? Why? The illusion that is me? Is this how? Why can be this appearance, be my err what? Not, won’t be this appearance, the illusion that is me for certain. The illusion that is me for certain..

Then she cannot believe ground is opened again look, but, no matter she looks how many times, result, same still, exist bitterly.

Mobile phone, from Chen Ke breathed ground slides to go up on faint find hand, chen Ke faint ground is shaking first, complexion cadaverous, face of her attack by surprise and sob.

Because she knows, evermore, she is the following life journey, only, she, oneself, a person, one pace one footmark… because of them, it is that two worlds lopsided line, won’t interweave together forever… but, why oneself heart is however such painful, seem to an aeriform knife is worn in the thorn of firm firm heart, painful to cannot convey with utterance.

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