Dream of the 44th chapter has 找个陪游女电话much beauty to have much sadness

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Below subcelestial eave, the joys and sorrows of life of years, same many, person, without ideal life, have some of pain so also cut is worn voracious appetite person, life has many far, the road has how long, the dream has much beauty, have much sadness…

Summer, with respect to the face as dot same, alternating without omen ground.

The fine day of in relief still bright fawn on is originally angry, say to changed, right now outside, drip to with a tick answer however flew raindrop.

Chen Ke go to the side of the window, look at the S city with the blurred raindrop below neon lamp, the world before seems to be blocked be like,be in bead in raindrop, a bit confused, of far, street, building, pedestrian, remained round of each a little ambiguous corridor only.

The dim light of night gradually thick, chen Ke beside the Zhang Hui in taking be sunk in sleep gently, go up gently in his forehead explore explore, hum… burn be retreated already completely, it is normal that his complexion also replies gradually, then, she also put down a heart to come, wear a when take beforehand in him bag pure white embroider the light jacket of bud silk edge, gently lid is on his body.

Face about, the raindrop outside looking at a window flies violently, right now night becomes silent, did not have blatant with din, lonely silent hears raindrop to wave only falling froufrou, accompanying rumour to enter a heart shallowly, window edge, the cirrus of some green is being climbed in excitement climbing up, that one a Huang Bai’s dichromatic floret flower, sending out the faint sweet smell of intoxicate.

Chen Ke draw out skill machine, think to little brother Chen Yu raise hangs a phone, he worries about lest, take ability discovery, the mobile phone had been asleep again, that black screen is taking iciness, taking every bits of bit grievance to say again it seems that: “Master, you pay no attention to me again, forgot to give me compensatory energy again. Forgot to give me compensatory energy again..

Chen Ke chuckle below, in bag of handle machine replace, sit on sofa, she discovers, oneself have really now so a bit carelessness, is also knowing how? Not was to forget this forgot that namely, be in with respect to conceal as a child then occasionally even the road crazy disease of head of in one’s heart also is met subsequently and come.

The dirty night is blurred, the flower is sweet raid a person, cool breeze ripples, be such static and beautiful, it is such far and distressed, lie between a window to listen to rain, not rounding off Mian, either the heart is arbitrary in the dirty night ambulate, at the moment, she can recall a lot of stories, of warm heart, distressed…

Late at night, the Chen Ke that does not have Mian took a room gently, the door that discovers cafe already was locked up inside by, she looks around, disclosure has 2 windows may be they forgot to shut, raindrop of silk having silk flew, she goes by gently, close the window gently.

Face about, see Huang Weibin they lie a few times on the sofa of expanse of the one horn in cafe to be asleep, the likelihood is too cross exhaustion, they sleep very spicily very sweet, get on even the lid in the body thin light jacket also drops the ground to go up, chen Ke it is good to help them gently be built one by one, ability face about walks along that to engrave the room that has special sign.

She is pushed gently opened the door to go in, lean gently on the sofa of the one horn side the window.

The neon lamp with a soft Qing Dynasty passes through a window, asperse on windowsill, plating of windowsill Wan Re the ray of a silvery white, chen Ke look at look at, there is Zhang Hui is heavy and strong breath voice by the side of ear, busy she a day just experienced the scene that fixes eyes upon Jing heart so again, already tired really unceasingly, was asleep slowly…

Be in Chen Ke when be asleep, the Zhang Hui that sleeps on sofa woke however, double Leng Jun’s then keen like the eagle eye does not rise by vigilance, him discovery is personally unexpectedly in the room of own cafe, his after-thought has today’s one act, then Shuang Junmei’s pupil floats in spite of oneself went up Leng Ao’s bloodsucking ray.

He starts work foot, the hand shoulder that him disclosure gets hurt has been handled, although return be painful move, but what cannot calculate to him of battle-scarred, his manage feeling, emerge piece today’s occasion mixes in brain among them if person of an unconscious face says: “Our old said, no matter you are having what kind of interest in S city, the person that he gets rich wants block dead. The person that he gets rich wants block dead..

Zhang Huijun is being taken on beautiful face turn up one’s nose at the iciness of heaven and earth, sneering gently character path: “Zhao Laosan, your this old fox does not sit after all, such as it happens, combining our plan, you since of court destruction, that does not blame us! That does not blame us!!

Zhang Hui stands up gently, that coat of body upper cover also subsequently and slide, his keen eye is not staring at that coat by the ground, collected it gently rise, a familiar and light a faint fragrance is tangy and come, zhang Hui mind swings: Be her, is she also in?

Zhang Huijun’s beautiful pupil sweep anything away all around, on the sofa below the one role that sees a room only, a beautiful and delicate form leans gently over, his idea easily, went by in spite of oneself as the form that wipes beauty then.

She sleeps very spicily very sweet, faint neon light from shot outside the window, illuminate in her on the face of that clear beautiful picturesque Bai Xi, get her fine facial features line more beautiful and moving, she is very beautiful really, she is having a pair of your popular feeling to use the eye eye of bright, although was to close a key point, however also a bit does not fold caustic her beauty, of the rainbow lamplight because of chilly piquant, so her eyelid is moved, close and the eyelash that become warped also is being blinked subsequently, what cabinet and straight nose gives her again is fine-looking added a few minutes more, the small mouth of her Na Weiqiao is not wiped from red, look particularly sexy, soft, true your person wants when to taking the advantage of her to sleep, steal sweet.

Right now the look of Leng Jun’s Zhang Hui is looking attentively at her before affectionately, cannot of extricate oneself, eye also cannot change the line of vision from her body…

Zhang Hui couldn’t help crouching gently, pick up gently remove her to scatter in sofa above a few when go up black hair, that hair silk is so soft, hold in both hands feeling on the hand is so your person feels exquisite and comfortable, make him do not want to unlock, want to be being grasped all one’s life so very much, look at her slightly cock small mouth, the look of Zhang Hui cold high is tenderer and tenderer, he thinks: This is small foolish girl, really lovely, look she that about, the likelihood is making what fond dream! Zhang Hui gently, do not abandon the land hold that belongs to her originally coat lid in the bosom in the arms to be on her delicate body, that movement is such tenderness, seem to be afraid of noisy wake she in fond dream is same.

When early morning, when the first bright sunshine is aspersed on every corner of cafe through the curtain, huang Weibin they awoke for a short while.

Huang Weibin jumped at a draught, say: “Ouch, my Mom, actually shut-eye sleeps to day break, do not know my eldest brother how? You are fast rise! ” say also without giving thought to they, developed the past toward that room of special mark continuously.

Huang Weibin pushed door, see had waked, sitting in the Zhang Hui on sofa, he is wanting what to say, the look that sees a Leng Jun is keen like the eagle only is point-blank come over, he can’ted help hitting quiver, need not say to also know who this person is, because he can let in S city,this is having ” seize knife of life collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes ” the Huang Weibin that say is hit cold tremble besides him Zhang Hui was not fastened.

Zhang Hui to sofa there point to, towards desire the Huang Weibin of character makes a quiet gesture, huang Weibin does not cover by the ground mouth, the word that just wanted to speak out, pharynx of firm firm ground is answered go in abdomen.

The way that Huang Weibin indicates in spite of oneself as Zhang Hui looked the past, “Ouch, my darling, my old day, this… of this one old early in the morning… this sleeps appearance also too Fen of arteries and veins of blood letting a person piece, still let do not make a person vivid! Still let do not make a person vivid!!

See the Chen Ke that sleeps on sofa only, holding the face with him beautiful Qing Dynasty in the palm with handle gently, mouth edge is light scattering a few black hair that be like Chinese ink, tender small mouth is taking Na Weiqiao’s powder slightly smile, as if making what fond dream, but the thing that immediately does not know to think of what is sad again is same, grew long Man hair to vibrate slightly, on the face that a light sadness emerges then in her Qing Meiru is drawn subsequently, in sunshine of a few early morning small illuminate below, she is so enchanting, it is so provoking fondly…

Staying in Huang Weibin when this one act before staying to look at an eye abstractedly, a strong hand drags him directly procrastinate gave this room…

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