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” doting lover ” one murder tender feelings / , this chapter in all 1038 words, update at: 2017-03-04 18:33

Feng Xiaojia in Lin Lin’s left Lin Lin backward one pace and one pace catchs towards the left to let Feng Xiaojia turn round again, and the one instant that turns round in Feng Xiaojia! ! ! Two people eye is right have sth in mind, and what is Lin Lin in charge of direct on mouth that kissed Feng Xiaojia. . . Feng Xiaojia hm want to but Lin Lin does not have a canal at all,push Lin Lin she and she also is not pushed. . . Continue so and Feng Xiaojia appears tired also did not revolt, and crossed Lin Lin one minute slowly the lip that leaves Feng Xiaojia. To Liu Suodao: “You are OK also this poplar the Qi Xiaoxue to you ah ” !

This momently. . . Liu Suo was stupefied. Because of him not dare so direct go kissing Qi Xiaoxue. . . Zhong Minhao was stupefied. Because. . . Come to those who come fight or this talks about love. . . The person at the back of Liu Suo also was stupefied. They think what think with Zhong Minhao is same. . . . . Feng Xiaojia also was stupefied. . Because. . . This can be Feng Xiaojia’s first kiss. . . so the person that let this a few days get along with oneself gives snatched? !

And Lin Lin just said ” such you are OK also is opposite your Qi Xiaoxue ah ” when either loosened. Next Feng Xiaojia push Lin Lin directly, the station was in on the side of him side. . . Little face is small red felt embarrassed namely. . . Liu Suohuan crosses a god to say to Lin Lin: “All right, lin elder brother, since you so protecting this boy, then I sell you an outer part ” . You take away him. Had turned the head will to Zhong Minhao: “The drop notes to me after you ” ! Next face about goes. Said we go. Everyone went. And Lin Lin sees face of Xiang Fengxiao beautiful go up right now unexpectedly red also. He also felt embarrassed to with a ha be breathed out.

Next the environment that Zhong Minhao said to a word broke this awkwardness. . . Lin elder brother, you two what concerns? Zhong Minhao said carelessly. We. . . The forehead. . . Feng Xiaojia is covering the face went with respect to oneself, arrived at the door the school. Waiting for them to come out. And after waiting a little while, they two also came out and is a bundle of flower in Lin Lin hand, extremely handsome, can so if change the Feng Xiaojia before into Qi Xiaoxue,say, even any schoolgirl, can prostrate the tight pants in Lin Lin under. And Feng Xiaojia is foolish however stand foolishly in place, because he grows how charmingly,not be, good-looking. Because a few days know not very to because a few days know not very,profession unexpectedly however? ? ?

There is her before Lin Lin takes Feng Xiaojia’s side, the blush on the face had disappeared, to Feng Xiaojia his say: “Xiao Jia, I am a little actuation today ” . . . I will be so responsible to you, responsible to your first kiss, so, you do my girlfriend. Although although we now is high school is born only, but if we two take an examination of the sentence that received same place university, I graduate certainly marry you! You believe me! ? Lin Lin’s true say.

I. . . Feng Xiaojia thinks. Say with Lin Lin: “You know me a few days to go after me by what, profession with me ” ? Feng Xiaojia asks.

Yes, by so a few days, I do not have a qualification to go after a schoolgirl really, and completely medium still goddess, so a schoolgirl by me so a few days get along to be chased after in one’s hand, not be a little really so return a responsibility. Nevertheless Mu Xiu needs at Lin Erfeng of break! It is me not to chase after you, others also meets certainly and do you get along to still do not know my humanness with me these days? Xiao Jia? ! ! ! Xiao Jia! Do my girlfriend! ! ! I like to go up you. . Since inside I saved the day you are already right you cannot extricate oneself!

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