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” the Manzhusha in hell China ” the graceful in water / , this chapter in all 2412 words, update at: 2017-02-22 06:43

Left hand heaven, right hand hell!

” good? ” Na Yixi asks.

“Good! ” the contract since Song Xishou hands Zhan Ke.

Back of easy royal seal is south on the chair, look at the contract on the table, leng Sheng says to Zhan Ke: “You do procedure first! ” Zhan overcame the meaning in hearing its to rise to go out.

Song Xiting comes out he has a word to want to say, say to the lawyer beside: “You go back first, I look for you to take a thing later! I look for you to take a thing later!!

“Young lady of nice the Song Dynasty! ” the lawyer packs up a contract to go immediately.

“What do you want to say with me? “What do you want to say with me??

Cherish of the Song Dynasty sees Xiang Na easy royal seal, this man is wearing hoar business suit today, appearance need not say is pretty more, take air conditioning oneself all over, this is cold with monsoon outstanding very different, wear a kind fully gloomy and cold.

Na Yixi saw an eye she, sneer at to laugh: “You look at me all the time, can let me think you fall in love with me by accident! Can let me think you fall in love with me by accident!!

Halt a few seconds start to talk again: “Why should be you rectified break down season family name? You and monsoon outstanding what feeling of gratitude or resentment is there? ” the expression that he is thinking pity of the Song Dynasty, the hope can see bit of what change from which.

The one face with changeless all ages of cherish of the Song Dynasty starts to talk calmly: “With you it doesn’t matter concerns! “With you it doesn’t matter concerns!!

“Relative of course, our goal is consistent! ” Na Yixi took the coffee before to taste, thin lip smiles, slowly say: “This cafes environment is good, coffee is good also, your eye is righter! Your eye is righter!!

This female is not much beauty there just is a kind of unique flavor on the body, the age is not very big low appearing however deep gloomy, the whole body is sending out dim, have the feeling with bit of beautiful mandala! This is the understanding of the girl of the predestined relationship that Na Yixi checks this to had seen two sides only.

See him in the eye biting, listen to his the words mean more than they say, disregard directly, rise say: “My foregone! “My foregone!!

Na Yixi was not persuaded to stay turn the head looks at the back with a little alone cherish of the Song Dynasty, sighed in a low voice one: “Fall in love with so woman, you also are hapless! You also are hapless!!

Monsoon is taken out from lap after cherish of the Song Dynasty goes out outstanding the Apple6 that gives her, gash mobile phone screen to find the 58 nets that be the same as a city, “Sell road of boreal city friendship nods love cafes 34 numbers, the price is optional. The price is optional..

Take a taxi returning season family name had been afternoon, she returns the office to see monsoon He Liyue is in, but each other does not talk, one is sitting on sofa, one is sitting on the chair, be like some disagreement?

“Deputy always you came back at long last! “Deputy always you came back at long last!!

Li Yue sees cherish of the Song Dynasty is anxious say: “Season always has looked for you in the morning, just open shareholder plenary meeting, only you are absent! Only you are absent!!

“Good, I knew! ” she says to look to monsoon : “Thank you! “Thank you!!

Monsoon doubt: “Do you thank my doing? Did your stomach become good? Did your stomach become good??

“Hum. ” does she turn does the head look to Li Yue: ? Unplug  of pancreas フ appropriate! ?

Li Yue water of a mist, feel a neck, look at cherish of the Song Dynasty to walk out of the back that go to say: “Deputy always really strange, conversation is quite strange, a day so cold that resemble an ice cube, no wonder can become husband and wife with president! No wonder can become husband and wife with president!!

Is the monsoon on sofa heard cold hum: ? De Ying of  of  of lie of quarrel of patch up of cangue of  of bay quarrel dizzy  ?

Li Yue enrages urgent chop foot, does face of angry red move look at monsoon : ? Bay Cui climbs Chi of Jie of Υ of Υ of Dong of huang3hu1 of  of artful De Ying to shake! ?

Cherish of the Song Dynasty walks along monsoon outstanding office doorway stretchs his hand to just wanted to knock, because Can sound is passed,come in vain after one’s death.

“Deputy always, season always is resting, do not like to be disturbed. ” white of Bai Xincan a suit is being installed, it is close on the face those who send is weak makeup, tender sound resembles one beach water.

Is this severity hsown by an official on assuming post? Cherish of the Song Dynasty laughs at: “Does the wife look husband to choose time even? “Does the wife look husband to choose time even??

Push opened the door to go in, bai Yincan also follow closely go in.

Monsoon outstanding lean shuts eye repose on the chair, the whole body cold however meaning surrounds, there still are a few files that are badly in need of processing above the table. Hear a noise to opened lore to see cherish of eye the Song Dynasty deeply, because of,just see Xiang Bai Can: ? Basketry the approach that dismiss a statement handsome?

Bai Yincan’s clean pupil looks at monsoon outstanding, sweet fine organ: “Season always you had not had a meal midday, what should you eat? What should you eat??

“Need not, you go out! ” he is saying to look however to at the same time cherish of the Song Dynasty, the imply of a trial.

“Good season always, I went out first. ” Bai Yincan is smiling immediately, the laugh on the face is a little inflexible, stopped a few seconds to go out.

Monsoon some are dark on outstanding face, stand up bypass desk, go by to cherish of the Song Dynasty: “Do you go in the morning which? “Do you go in the morning which??

“Be occupied! ” tighten in her heart, but cold still sound replies.

Monsoon outstanding the manner that looks at inhospitality of cherish of the Song Dynasty, the miff in the heart but did not reveal. Calculate her not to say actually, know she went over there already, what to do.

“Go, go having a meal! ” he changed direction to move toward sofa to take coat to go to the door, shoot a glance at of cherish of the Song Dynasty his back followed the eye to go up subsequently.

Just gave the cold wind outside company gate brisk, the cherish of the Song Dynasty of aspic breathed out rub of tone both hands rub, monsoon outstanding hear sound to stop face about waited for one pace to hold her little hand in the palm, his control is very hot, the instant forces algidity retreat, enclasp is worn her hand goes before past car, cherish of the Song Dynasty saw the side face of his Jun Yi, the bottom of the heart seemed to also warm a few.

The monsoon on the car outstanding keep a straight face however, the look is looked at deep and serenely in front lip of the move that tighten close lightly. Song Xixin thinks, who says only feminine face says to change, the man is same also. Think better of wants to should not know so quickly! The contract has not been taken over the lawyer, think of the gas end this is not worth: ? Bay does jab of Fu tending or guard a gate play handsome?

“Do not have a thing. ” say in his mouth seem to do not have a thing really, cold however face.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty sees he is cold facial manner, think out handle is smoked forcibly, did mood also change immediately cool: ? Gather up is ferminum difficult by flatter model handsome?

Monsoon outstanding did not plan to let go at all, eyebrow is knitted slightly, does deep voice say: ? Is Xie Jialei of Nai of Lu of  of  of  of bay huang3hu1 Qu patted be contrary to?

“Breathe out ah… feeling is not general really, no wonder marriage gets card is to connect a ring to also be done not have. ” shoot a glance at of cherish of the Song Dynasty oneself ring finger, what acid utterance concealed a bottom of the heart is acerb.

“You are fastened cranky, went to what I can tell the opportunity you. ” monsoon outstanding pupil pales, expression is disclosing a sadness, pupil is even more dark do not see an end greatly.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty did not respond him again, just take skill machine not to know what to playing.

Some things are so artful, just encountered Qiu Xinya into the dining-room that often comes so, she is having a meal with a few chaperon say joyous, saw him likewise (she) people, qiu Xinya complexion appears a little awkward, monsoon outstanding criterion the face was pulling cherish of the Song Dynasty to go by without expression.

Monsoon outstanding entered the chair leaves to Song Xila between the bag, nodded clerk of a few dish to be packed up next, song Xize sits where to playing a mobile phone all the time.

“What are you playing? ” monsoon outstanding look at her from go out to play a mobile phone to arrive all the time now, the thing that thinks of she is done, unavoidable one face air conditioning.

Song Xibing did not respond him, absorption playing a mobile phone, what to think of suddenly, raise a head to say: ? Unplug formic Yin carries Lao Bi refine is considered handsome! ?

Monsoon had some of warm color on outstanding face, does sound nature put soft: ? Excuse me of Lin of case  astounded! ?

The Song Dynasty laughs contentedly on cherish face, lower his head to play again subsequently had a mobile phone, monsoon outstanding saw the flower leaves immediately in the heart, she is such, so simple and easy contented.

After differ meeting, her corners of the mouth go up slightly raise, put down a mobile phone. Cafes sells went out, although the price gave the in part of set up shop only (200 thousand) , but also be perfectly satisfied, the thing ended very quickly, she does not want to remaining this presence that was not necessary, but buy the home to did not ask to see an environment, this makes her very strange, but it is good that not main purpose is achieved.

Monsoon outstanding see Song Xijin day laughed twice unexpectedly, look she the humor is good today, magnetic sound starts to talk: “What thing makes you so happy? “What thing makes you so happy??

“Do not have a thing! ” she is light answered.

Face of side of cherish of the Song Dynasty looked to see to dining-room hall as it happens Qiu Xinya and associate are eating a meal, quiet pupil immediately on plating a haze, be clear at a glance, qiu Xinya feels her look looked.

She sees the effect, corners of the mouth is ticked off, rise intended drive up is opposite sound monsoon outstanding say: “I go wading closet! “I go wading closet!!

Through monsoon outstanding when does nutation body say: gently in his side side? Yo of leg of right brilliant of case  one! Bake  of alliance of ⑷ of  of Yan of boat Bao that Qiu fars away  of Pi of Tiao of show off badge?

But Cong Qiuxin is elegant over there look even if body of nutation of cherish of the Song Dynasty is kissing monsoon outstanding, in her eye oozy a rancor, see cherish of the Song Dynasty goes toward closet subsequently, laughing to say to the companion: “I go wading closet. “I go wading closet..

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