21 be广州喝茶资源come reconciled?

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Appear when the first crammer, so crammer is met never-ending.

Monsoon outstanding before holding cherish of the Song Dynasty in the arms to take a car, put her on backlash slowly, breath is a bit disorder: “You are really heavy. “You are really heavy..

Happiness that is enmeshed Song Xicong made prototype in the illusion, leading a few minutes of life, roused a face: “I did not let you hold me in the arms again, deficient you are long so strong, place adorn article! Place adorn article!!

“… “

“I see next pockets to you first. ” monsoon outstanding corners of the mouth is shallow laugh took out medical box, open look what can be used.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty is anxious say: “Did not look, I do not have a thing, you send me quickly to come home, my pa Mom affirms anxious bosom. My pa Mom affirms anxious bosom..

“Good. ” monsoon outstanding see her anxious look, also did not importune again.

The car leaves smoothly to go up in the road, lip of outstanding close lightly looks at monsoon in front, the hand is built go up in steering wheel, just the eyes is a little dark, resembling was to make the decision with big what, pupil saw cherish of the Song Dynasty: “Small Xiang Yu the Conqueror, you… “

The word had not said dream to change. Does cherish of the Song Dynasty exclamation: ?  of  of Jin of regretful of brighting demit of Chong of Ju of sunken Jing Xiang?

His a bit was not moved, she big growl: ? Kun of Ju of sunken Jing Xiang 3  regretful uglies grand of O of Yan of the spruce wild  that send Mao! ?

Monsoon outstanding still do not move one tiny bit, look at in front opened the past, she is anxious stretch one’s hand go pulling him, cry for: “Monsoon outstanding you became mad fast jockey, jockey ah… ” but the meaning that the car did not stop at all, mom of pa of cherish leaving the Song Dynasty is closer and closer, closer and closer, phut… the ground one bumped into the past.

Below sleep lightly in Song Xicong dream momently, it is terrified completely in the eye, the dream from the back is too true, feel heart all ground jumps very quickly, one is maintained only want to sit up, exit raves loudly with respect to chronic ground: “Wind outstanding? Are you in? Wind outstanding… “

Monsoon outstanding going toward the doorway with Xie Jing, hear the voice that cherish of the Song Dynasty comes out inside ward, eyelid jumps, the stride goes by popularly to push open the door, see cherish of the Song Dynasty leans on the head of a bed the eyes is empty, complexion is ghastly and ghastly, he goes by to feel forehead to ask at a stride: “How? “How??

Cherish of the Song Dynasty sees monsoon outstanding anxious appearance, in the heart, “He worries about me very much! ” subsequently response comes, whats did oneself do! Really demoniac, speak the name that made him actually.

Monsoon outstanding cherish seeing the Song Dynasty is staring at him, tighten in the heart, “She won’t know so quickly! ” sweep all around, the appearance that nobody has come to, stretch one’s hand helping her shoulder up: “Raise the back come, rely on a cushion. ” did a bed to give shake rise, convenient she is recumbent.

Look at his tender movement, feeling of cherish of the Song Dynasty is a bit absentminded, look all around ability him discovery is in the hospital, be strange! Be to sleep in villa yesterday evening? Just slept from the back a bit cold, but how can you reach a hospital? And systemic ache, monsoon outstanding hit me secretly? So so affable!

Xie Jingyi leans on the doorway, both hands is inserted in trouser pocket, the two people that look at sickbed to go up look look, see no less than going to really, leisurely starts to talk: “How long should both of you look? Two fool, not hungry? Not hungry??

Monsoon outstanding hear Xie Jing to owe beaten sound, answer a god to ask: “What do you want to eat? “What do you want to eat??

Song Xila answers feeling, in a low voice light say: “Face. “Face..

Monsoon outstanding hear a bit open-eyed, turn the head looks at Xie Jing: “Go buying face and congee to add a potato silk, flavour key, not too be bored with. Not too be bored with..

Xie Jing hears the mouth piece the old, seem to say in the eye, you let me buy a rice actually! Monsoon outstanding cold glare he is one, xie Jing is helpless ground shrug: “Good, eldest brother, eldest sister, small this goes. ” taking the eyes that grouse to go.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty this ability starts to talk: “How am I a hospital? Where is my elder brother? Where is my elder brother??

“You had a fever, do not have a thing now, your elder brother… in the home, have plum Mom is taken care of! ” mention Yi Lin, his complexion is small change.

“Hum. ” loll of cherish of the Song Dynasty, look to ask to wounded arm: “When can I tear open this. “When can I tear open this..

Monsoon outstanding look looks to say as her: “It is OK to pass two days, do not promote heavy thing temporarily. ” the look looks to the hair of her gray supports, the hair has bit of hair, halt a few seconds, stand up to go in to toilet, differ meeting came out, it is a hand only many lis a towel.

Song Xiyi face is interrogative, monsoon outstanding see the question in her eye, deep voice says: “You did not wash a face two days. ” sit to bed edge, want to brush a face to cherish of the Song Dynasty.

She sheers a face, stretch one’s hand go receiving towel: “Myself is met. “Myself is met..

Outstanding corners of the mouth ticks off monsoon slightly case: “Yourself cannot see, mix dirtily on the face strawberry is same! ” Song Xiting is over, the hand was put, brows is knitted closely, seem very afflictive! His eyebrow end is carried, she or with before, have intense concentrated and scared disease.

Brush a face, monsoon outstanding went changing towel to brush arm and neck to cherish of the Song Dynasty again, she although on the face inflexible, but did not prevent.

The as it happens when Xie Jing buys a meal to come back sees monsoon outstanding arrange a hair to cherish of the Song Dynasty actually, droll say: “Otherwise I go out first, you handle affairs first. You handle affairs first..

Outstanding cool detachment sees monsoon to Xie Jing, rise, had taken a side, had placed special table, open entirely, go feeding cherish of the Song Dynasty, behavioral get sth done without any letup. Xie Jing is looked at shake shake one’s head, sighed, dark spit, once this man is captured by the woman heart, nuo ~ is this appearance.

After eating, monsoon outstanding cherish giving the Song Dynasty brushed the mouth, take the thing, went again a cup of water puts desk head, soft tone says: “You lay down first sleep meeting, I go taking drug to you, you do not want to stay in the hospital for certain, took medicine to come home. ” bow help her up to lay down slowly, cuddle cuddle quilt rises continuously should go.

Cherish of the Song Dynasty looks at monsoon outstanding a series of movement, he is busy beside come busy go, the fear in the heart and uneasiness seem to disappear into thin air, hear him to want to take drug, in cerebrum filter automatically to want into him.

See his face about, leaving fear and former days miss emerged in cerebrum entirely come out, the affection with depressive bottom of the heart erupted.

Action conquer thought, she extended a hand to pull monsoon quickly outstanding hand, soft played sound: “Do not go, I fear. I fear..

Monsoon outstanding the pace that steps hears the sound of cherish of the Song Dynasty to pause, face about looks at her, in the heart excited open-eyed, the heart thinks, “Don’t I have mishear? Be still occurrence phonism? Be still occurrence phonism??

Look at monsoon outstanding logy expression, seem to be afraid that his face about went greatly, the hand increases interest again, tighten the hand that holds him, glutinous glutinous says: “I believe you finally. “I believe you finally..

Cherish of the Song Dynasty says to raise pupil to look to monsoon outstanding, discover he or slow-witted slow-witted ground are standing, expression of it doesn’t matter, feel to be like oneself too mollycoddle, sound rose a few minutes, loosened his hand: “If you do not think,said to calculate. “If you do not think,said to calculate..

Monsoon outstanding feeling hand was loosened, come out to know this is true from inside the imagination, attack one held cherish of the Song Dynasty in arms in the past, jubilate on face of unpleasant attack by surprise, mood part is excited: “I am willing. “I am willing..

“Hoarse… ache ” because his movement is too big, came up against arm of cherish of the Song Dynasty to ache she gave voice.

Monsoon outstanding instant is loose hand, the hand does not know how to should do, be at a loss a bit, incoherent: “Touch be fond of you, i, me… “

Song Xijian laugh says: “Do not have a thing. “Do not have a thing..

Monsoon outstanding delay next excited mood, downy in a low voice: “I do not go, for company you. ” heard back somebody to laugh however, face about sees the Xie Jing to doorway playgoing, “You go taking drug. “You go taking drug..

Xie Jing looks at the strange flower behavior of two people, laugh in a low voice, had not laughed to hear monsoon outstanding call him to take drug, the eyes of hidden bitterness looks to monsoon outstanding. Monsoon outstanding it seems that not feel grateful, faint mouth: “Go quickly. “Go quickly..

Xie Jing walked out of a doorway diceyly, monsoon outstanding look at cherish of the Song Dynasty low say: “You sleep meeting, I accompany this in this you. I accompany this in this you..

She nods, closed eye. Monsoon outstanding the face that looks at cherish of the Song Dynasty to be asleep, the tender feelings in the eye is deeper and deeper, stretch one’s hand the face that wants to feel her, but closed again, the shallow laugh of corners of the mouth ooze took a heart in.

The door is pushed, monsoon outstanding turn the head looks, brows is twisted, go by in a low voice cold ask: “How did you come back? “How did you come back??

Foliaceous scene complexion is heavy: “Go out! “Go out!!

His side turns a cherish of the Song Dynasty that saw an eye be asleep, signal leaf scene goes out, oneself also followed to go out, light vocal cords comes. Gave ward to see passage nearby, the station is worn two people, incorrect, it is to taking to standing, yi Lin came actually.

Still have… plum Mom! Aside Xie Jing saw eye monsoon outstanding, discover the it doesn’t matter in his eye changes.

Yi Lin sees monsoon outstanding, let plum Mom pushs him, stop in leave a meter he is not far, cloudy face: “Little grudge is inside, I should see her. ” looking is was blocked by Xie Jing, just fail to go in.

Outstanding cool detachment looks at monsoon season Mom, cold cold starts to talk: “She was asleep, you also can go in! You also can go in!!

The hair with Yi forest cold complexion is cold, sneer suddenly: “I want season family name 50% share, otherwise I am afraid that one not careful meeting tells little grudge, song Zhengkuang died! Song Zhengkuang died!!

The hand is pointing to monsoon outstanding say again, “Little grudge still does not know for certain, know you dare not say. Know you dare not say..

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