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Because Lin Shichen is the person that the sort of keeping good faith, so she promises that meal of Wang Yuan, regular meeting is asked. Today is a good weather, returning just in time is on the weekend, rise in the morning, lin Shichen thought of that thing the first times, then she takes a mobile phone, mix to Wang Yuan Wang Junkai is ordinal made a telephone call, “Hello, wang Yuan, did you get up? Weather is good today, I ask you to have a meal today! ” hear those who eat, still want to sleep again the Wang Yuan of the meeting got up immediately, “Hello, wang Junkai, we ask Wang Yuan to have a meal today! Hum, good, I give the address your hair past a little while! ” such, 3 young associate set out!

“You return ~ Shi Chen is atmosphere really, I am impolite that today! ” see this manner, wang Yuan begins to run, today is for this meal, he can be to connect breakfast to did not eat! But, just wanted to run into the Wang Yuan that go to was given to be pulled by Wang Junkai again, “I say, you know Wang Yuan eat, your pig, do not know the lady is first, said again, you are so rushed rush into, I make sure you go out not to come! ” because of what, because their person enrages Wang Yuan,be too tall, go in, who is their vermicelli made from bean starch, must pack, the Wang Yuan that still a moment ago wanting to eat by Wang Junkai teach pulled, lin Shichen laughs aside, wang Junkai has turned round to come again, “Still have you! ” Lin Shichen says questioningly: “My what issue to involve? ” Wang Junkai turns even the body came over, “I am to should say your money is too much without local fancy suiting, still should be you foolish ah! You do not have a thing he comes to so luxurious place work, not be the thing of money, the key is how if we are recognized by vermicelli made from bean starch, can we still live? ” when Wang Junkai is teaching Lin Shichen, wang Yuan has made preparation, unplug retreat ran into dining-room, “Alas, I say Wang Junkai, your adolescence comes how so strange, so chatter, wang Yuan had run, we also hurry! ” say, pull a Wang Junkai to run.

Received a package, what Wang Yuan has eaten is about the same, “Wang Yuan, your appetite is really big still! ” Wang Yuan is placed place a hand, “The other people is too hungry, my breakfast did not eat, so that is my breakfast, you came now, we lunch together! ” Wang Junkai and Lin Shichen can’t help magnify the mouth, “Wang Junkai, is Wang Yuan all the time so eat one’s head off? ” Wang Junkai says: “Are you from where to know those who do he is lazy? ” Lin Shichen points to point to that air hostess, “You see that clerk, sweating, be the result that is trained by Wang Yuan! ” this issues Wang Junkai understood, look our Shi Chen still is attentive really!

Of Lin Shichen and Wang Junkai what had not eaten, wang Yuan be solved, “Wang Yuan, you take a place less, careful your weight exceeds bid! ” what to but listening so that see them in eating Wang Yuan,say? After eating, wang Yuan raises a head to come, ask: “Hum? Just what do you say? ” Lin Shichen and Wang Junkai express to not have aside language, they play a mobile phone, brush small gain, talk about QQ, wang Junkai writes on small gain: “Who asks Wang Yuan to have a meal, who is hapless! ” difficult hind be in again Wang Yuan carelessly below the circumstance, took a piece of picture that he can take very much, and Lin Shichen sends in trends again: “I am true by Wang Yuan eat what the quantity admires to extremely admire, on sb’s head, buccal foam, face the Yellow River! ” what must say hyperbole gimmick of Lin Shichen is applied is very pretty good, the Chinese that can see Lin Shichen from here is great how good! The thing that must say they are sent got very big hit.

“Did you eat Wang Yuan? We should go! ” Wang Yuan nods, also followed them to go out, clerk all over the face excited, because she is small stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, saw Wang Yuan does not say, still did so much business to Wang Yuan, what must say Wang Yuan’s appetite is true still nevertheless is quite big. “I say Wang Yuan, you did not have a meal a few years, can eat so! ” Wang Yuan listened very grouchy, “Cut, still not be to hear you want to entertain guests, so I did not eat even breakfast, active busy went busily! ” Wang Junkai has for oneself so team member and support the specified number, “Go out later, must not say you know me, still you had better not let others know you are Wang Yuan! ” and Wang Yuan also can calculate going up is a Duan Zi hand, he receives: “Fasten, you see everybody know we are known, said again, why cannot I let others know I am Wang Yuan, I have the right, my right cannot be restricted by you! ” just saying me is Wang Yuan this word, the person of roadside rose with respect to boiling, “Wang Yuan, well? Is that Wang Junkai and Lin Shichen? ” ” how is my God, I am in good luck really, look is what fortune-telling old gentleman says quite accurate also? ” hello, it is that ask for a favor of Wang Yuan obviously, close fortune-telling old gentleman what thing? Lin Shichen and Wang Junkai I should kill one face your expression sees Xiang Wangyuan, next they ran!

“Hello, run to be nodded slow! I just ate a meal! ” the Wang Junkai say that pulling Wang Yuan: “Who lets you eat so much, don’t you eat to you still can let me pulling you more so? ” the Lin Shichen say that runs aside: “Wang Yuan, who lets you say I am Wang Yuan, if you do not say, we now as to run? ” Wang Yuan hurries compensate arrives; “Go all right, did I become wrong be still no good? Where do we go to now? ” Lin Shichen draws out skill machine, “Hello, I am in Xxx road, will quickly receive me! ” after hanging a mobile phone, wang Junkai is pulling Wang Yuan, still Lin Shichen ran again a paragraph of roads, the car that receives them next came, next they got on a car, next they return a company with respect to the plan, on the road, wang Yuan is disrelished dull, take a mobile phone to play, inopportune, his as it happens sees the thing that Lin Shichen and Wang Junkai send, “You two this is to be in destroy me! Still pat me so that can eat so, how should my vermicelli made from bean starch think me! ” say low first, “Wang Yuan, this is not our fault, this is you can eat too really, next we see you have a meal so bud, couldn’t help be being illuminated to you so so a piece! ” Wang Yuan raises a head to come again, “True? ” Wang Junkai nods constrainedly, “Be, nevertheless you can eat very much really, I suspect because can eat,you are famous a bit, your world besides eat, still eat? ” Wang Yuan casts aside twitch one’s mouth, “Be just? The most important in my world still have sleep! ” Wang Junkai and Lin Shichen are not had once language.

Went to a company, president and agent did not criticize them, just belonged to a mouth to say, note a drop next time, fasten again such! Not was in charge of again next, the thing that does them.

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