Wolf of the 5th chapter and she深圳蒲神改名深时代ep (one)

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Chun Yang dress is returned clean yesterday morning tattered already today clothes of extremely dirty white hand-woven cloth, the department on the waist wears with clothes color extremely unworthily black pants chatelaine, body of crouch of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument stands before Chitian’s wide desk, hanging low first, the eye is staring at the floor before the foot. Pool cropland get rid of is worn the fleshy broken bits in slit between the teeth fills in when having a meal, grin of tooth of give a talking-to, give out in throat knowing is comfortable afflictive still ” groan ” sound. His squint Chun Yang one, ask with the dialect that does not have feeling ** colour: “You are a few years old? ” Chun Yang is gingerly reply: “13 years old. ” she wants to say her a bit smaller, the pity with cropland of pool of try to gain — two daughters that she forgot Zun Meizhen, probably she did not look at all, also probably she thinks yesterday everything on threshing floor is only too too true dream, dream continuance arrived today.

Chi Tian opens an eye suddenly, mind is great brace up, suspend the action of tooth of get rid of, stand abruptly from desk hind, bypass table, cross Chun Yang before, turned round her circuit. Chun Yang complexion is pale, shake like shiver all over, she from had eaten an egg yesterday morning — had spat was in on threshing floor — hind, to now bead rice was not entered, drop water was not touched. Her empty stomach rumbles, cold sweat dripping wet. Chi Tian smokes nose, say kindly to her: “You go bathing. ” Chun Yang bewilderment indissolubles the ground looks at Chi Tian, do not understand him how meeting so let her bathe kindly. Be, she is too small still, do not know some wolves do not like to eat dirty sheep.

The left hand side that the bathroom is in the office, chi Tian’s room is on the side of the bathroom. Chi Tian goes to the lavatory to handle official bussiness, did not want another rooms, must say he is an assiduous and competent soldier; Include to fight homicide is pleasant of cautious and conscientious becomes a pioneer. Perhaps cannot pass how long, I can go up again battlefield, he thinks: When do I like to fight, it is Cong Huizi went rose that day.

Intelligent child the wife that is a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of pool cropland green plum, he remembers her having a pair of bright big eyes, there are two small dimples on the face. How does he love her! He to do not leave her, not hesitate even defy emperor life, think up all sorts of methods to escape take military service. He cannot think of: His intelligent child the heroine that is feelings of a deep Huai Jiaguo. Intelligent child see he is infatuated with tender countryside, feel distressed with disgrace, in marry half an year when, left a letter to commit suicide. Write in the letter: I love greatly and most most dear filial piety is male: The volition that I am my existence and effaced you and feel feel sorry, grave of tender countryside hero, I do not want to also do not wish to become the graveyard that buries you. Good man stands when horizontal knife horse, gallop battlefield. To make you careless the battlefield on the ground, I absolutely meaning leave, ask you not to want sadness. After I leave, ask you good good fight the enemy, build result establish line of business, render service to repay kindness the motherland, become a true soldier… forgot me, the foe that joins your look and arms to you… your forever wife intelligent child last words written before death.

Chi Tian hands Chun Yang a brand-new towel and a hand-me-down skirt, the gangmaster slants toward the bathroom. Chun Yang was taking towel and skirt to enter a shower room cautiously, she closes the door, cursory ground bathed. Her dress shows full skirt to walk out of a bathroom slightly. Chi Tian is sitting after desk to read a document, he raises a head to see Chun Yang, low the head goes continueing to read a document, saying in the mouth: “Come to the side of me. ” Chun Yang goes darlingly to the side of him, wet hair is stuck in auditive both sides, hair dropping a bit drip, fall below one, get together again slowly remove, fall again… swim became wet unlined upper garment of a big garment.

Chi Tian read a document, the document the lock submits a drawer. He stands up, jiang Chunyang is held in the arms rise put on desk, come out her garment unlined upper garment. Chun Yang dare not revolt faint also revolt. She lies amenably on the desk, awaiting the advent of violent storm.

“Report! ” the military salute that a soldier respected a standard in the doorway. Chi Tian stops the action of leather belt leaving solution, at the door facial face, say: “Come in. ” the soldier hands the file on the hand deferentially his boss, saw Chun Yang. Chi Tian had received a file to look, take out a pen to sign his name on the file from pen container, give wind a soldier. The soldier was taking a file to be retreated. Before be retreated, he saw Chun Yang again; His eyes indifferently, be like what lying on the desk is not the object that a person does not have life however.

Sun manage to make do is strong glow is calorific, on the ground shining white one, shake Chun Yang eye is unripely to ache. Detain of arms of a Japan is worn garment unlined upper garment is not whole, the hair is messy, the Chun Yang of Lie reel slanting walks along board door mouth, one foot her kick go in. She attacks ahead. Wait for her delay to cross a god to come, just discover its her nineteen woman disappeared; When she leaves, they are good fortunately in cabin. Where did they go to? Her suddenly feels previous to close-packed hut is such hollowness loneliness unexpectedly. She misses them very much!

Chun Yang climbs slowly, go to the side of the wall slowly, crouch slowly, holding the body that him hunger with a rustle must quiver in the arms closely, staring at the board door that closes closely confused and helplessly. Had not known how long, she was asleep mistily. She made a dream — she sees maternal conjure like from the cloth that gives a pink changes below the pillow. The furrow with the amiable stack on maternal face, smiling to ask her: “Chun Yang, good look? ” she answers happily: “Good-looking. Mom, be to give me to make new clothing? ” the mother amuses her: “Not be to give you to do, it is to give me to do. Do you say mom puts on pink clothes can young a few years old? ” she is pouty: “Won’t, mom wears pink clothes ugly died. ” the mother bursts out laughing, stretch his hand to be patted gently on her head door. Blink, the cloth on maternal hand became a clothes, the mother is compared on the body, say not without regretful ground: “Alas, small, be forced to wear to Chun Yang. ” the mother gives her clothes, she admires new clothes happily, put on next, turn before the mother circle, the edge turns to ask by the side of: “Mom, good-looking? ” the mother does not answer, she stops next whirl. The mother disappeared. Her houseful seeks a mother, the mother evaporated like the world same, shadow slash all is not had. She ” wow ” the ground cry greatly, the edge cries to cry by the side of: “Mom, where are you? Mom… you do not hide, I do not want new clothes, I am worn to mom, mom, you come out! Mom… “

She sleeps lightly abruptly, tear shed one face. Mom, I do not want new clothes, I should be only beside you! Mom, father, where are you? She cries in the heart.

Outside the window of dark heavy, already was crepuscular time, agley of the setting sun is illuminated into the courtyard to come, illuminate on the face with the Japanese arms harsh expression that stands sentry outside Chun Yang window, reflects Zhang Nian is then gently face resembles is plating went up pink of a gold, huang Huangliang is bright. He carries on the arm the shoulder firm firm of the gun sideways, it seems that that gun has hoisting jack to weigh, shoulder can’ts bear heavy burden like; But he won’t debus gun, weigh him to also choose to be being carried again. He is gone to on the side pace two paces, the eye sees the way to the dining room, the move such as his relieves guard have a meal.

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