The 21st chapter is p佛山桑拿夜生活论坛rotecting her well!

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Very long a long time ago…

According to maple if the age will calculate, it is to be before 5000 in the main.

In the brim region of dark bound, the life is worn two alone bitch racoon dog, they set their mind at to give birth to existence burrow originally in.

Because live around dark bound,maybe is, they always can see form form look. The soul with gone color elaborates them when entering dark group how the happiness that is reluctant to leave the world.

The half alive that those soul cry before entering dark group, but when waiting for them to come out again, some became the dark difference that did not remember, some had new life.

Those who look is much, these two foxes also begin to longed to have terrestrial life.

But they were in short supply because of inherent soul together, must want to compare so congener pay a few times even the effort of hundreds of times, ability repairs refine give person quite.

They discussed twice for ages, roused courage eventually, the decision should beg dark king to help.

They follow dark difference comes to dark bound, that is the dark king that they see stand high above the masses in fokelore for the first time…

Dark king is wearing night clothes of silken of a suit silk, the sundry dark money that smooth foot crouchs on throne to counting crural edge to put, readily take the opportunity to closes not approach mouth.

Take the lead in rousing only among them sufficient courage, to dark Wang Fa asks: “Dark king Yours Excellency, we are the two fox bewitching that live next door you, because we are inherent be short of broke a paragraph of soul, entity of long refine person is very so difficult, we hope… “

“Go all right, I know! Do not want me to help namely make a body? ” the broke fox evil spirit word with dark a little impatient king.

She will ascend the dark money total number that publish to be put into a big case completely in the hand, jumped from throne subsequently, come to fox bewitching before.

“You two life counts me to had looked, want person this thing is good say. Want person this thing is good say..

Two fox bewitching hears, the Gang Lou on the face gave happy look, side side transmitted two words of dismay making a person immediately.

“But! “But!!

The took their face to go up lose look of dark king acumen, her mouth say: “But I need you to help me make money. “But I need you to help me make money..

“Make money! ? ??

Two foxes in succession sidelong glance, they are not clear, she has sat to dark king such locally, why to still need to make money?

“You see you, ignorant! Ignorant!!

Dark king detection their idea, explain: “I manage the soul of small old and young of this underground large volume and dark difference, do you think I am by what ah? It is of course by these dark money! ! !!

“This underground follows the ground to go up about the same, it is recumbent the world of true gold silver. It is recumbent the world of true gold silver..

“Had not you heard that word? Have money man, the man that do not have money is bad! The man that do not have money is bad!!

After an explanation that heard dark king, two foxes state they are met certainly in succession the help that with one one’s heart endeavors she makes money, want to be able to have the body of a pair of mankind only.

Dark king let them sign a piece of bond, gave them new body, their income general.

She still took a name for two people, maple and orchid.

Fox bewitching people leave from Dis, come to the warmth that sunshine felt between every, felt the feeling of feeling, savor of tear salty acerbity, what also experienced love is delicate.

Whenever they are medium when the sacred festival such as yuan of section, meet the family member that urges people burn some of paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead to give them more,

such, time flash passed not to know hundreds of years.

Abrupt one day, the Taoism priest with a luxuriant dress appears in their life.

Taoism priest ases if early witting their true identity, his demur does not say the house that rushed into them attacked.

Horsetail whisk is swung in maple on the body, the calcination feeling that the skin transmits makes her ” Zhi Zhi ” cry continuously, be forced to change answered prototype.

A snow-white fox goes out to put Taoism priest on the ice in bowstring now before.

“Whoop! Bold person or event associated with evil or misfortune, even if draped person skin you also are person or event associated with evil or misfortune after all! Taoist priest I am about to sweep the world now evil, make you an original shape! Make you an original shape!!

Taoist priest is vociferant, the horsetail whisk in holding stop one’s hand closely develops move orchid attacked.

Orchid those who looked at back to suffer serious injury maple, in the heart rusty unceasingly, she wants pressingly to save the life of own sister, but she knows very well, with the work force of Taoist priest, calculate 10 she adds in, also not be adversary.

Then, orchid firm firm one gnash one’s teeth, made a hard decision.

She was carried suddenly at a heat, drill oneself 5000 inside red is contained in the mouth, red is placed between her acerb tooth inside, want to be bitten gently only, 5000 repair to be met melt into visionary hope…

Maple resembling is the induction arrived her idea, she ” Zhi Zhi ” blusterous, want to prevent orchid behavior.

Orchid the cry that heard her, laugh at move and her later to going up the eyes.

Maple saw in that eyes be not abandoned and firm and persistent, that is flashy, she knows, oneself cannot prevent tragic happening.

Dan Feng returned be not reconciled to to jump, want to attack orchid the last hurrah is done on the body.

Her tiptoe just leaves the area, a subtle boom side ear, orchid the ray that suffixation of a nonsyllabic r to nouns and sometimes verbs became a tangerine, the wave motion that give blasted off to play Taoist priest high gate of an old-style in the ray.

Maple also be fluctuated to affect by that, firm firm declines was in on solid the earth’s surface.

She climbs from the ground when, the doorway did not have the form of Taoist priest already, in house deserted, did not have orchid incisive talking voice, the form that also did not have that tangerine…

Maple the low head of desolate, look at the ground to because,go up inside the hole that the concussion of broken generation creates red, do not stop in orbit drop piece salty acerbity tear.

Her Gu single person is waited for belong to them originally in this in the house of two people silent cure injury, etc when those who had hurt is about the same, she expel group going straight towards dark for a short while.

Dark king interviewed her.

“Dark king Yours Excellency, orchid had she come? Orchid had she come??

Dark king did not have the cheerful expression when meeting last, she handholded heavily maple hand, enjoin: “Orchid already reincarnation went, she lets me tell you, although she drank boiling water of mother-in-law of the first month, but she won’t forget you once. But she won’t forget you once..

“I should leave this dark group immediately, this does not know when to just can come back… “

“Yourself is taken care of, be sure to keep in mind! Must go searching orchid, protecting her well! Protecting her well!!

Dark king says, also disregard maple if whether understanding her, stroke sleeve went day group receives an order.

Maple after returning the world, went not to know on the street how long, finally, she stops in the street of wind mountain village.

The passerby that she hears associate with is commenting the thing of one picket great rejoicing of the near future.

Daughter Xie Shulan of Xie Jia should marry a person!

Xie Shulan? This name seems to be familiar with a little…

Maple mad memory is worn former a variety of, eventually, she took this familiar name in memory.

Orchid once had said for fun with her, she very habit ” kind and gentle ” this word.

The woman between every with able and virtuous kind and gentle heart is flourish, she hopes to be able to be called out ” kind and gentle orchid ” , if one day she married a person in the future, is regular meeting able and virtuous the wife of kind and gentle heart… ?

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