The war between woman of 广州夜蒲网桑拿论坛the 29th chapter

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Residue the fructification that go up showed true face gradually, resembling is duplicate and stickup the facial features of general dot is shown go up in incarnadine fructification.

Shang Chengan thinks a branch is enough originally subdue Bai Mian, candle 2 people, the result looks at the moment the appearance of Bai Mian get up on one’s hind legs, his heart instant is cool.

“~ of chuckle cough up “

Knowing on abrupt tree is which fructification showed smiling face first, begin to give out ” chuckle ” laugh, it is the weather of sunshine illuminate all things clearly, difficult Shang Chengan still hid to give the gooseflesh of a suit below your tree however.

Shang Chengan fears, the branch in the hand drops to melt to the ground entered soil in, the instant did not have sign.

The fructification laugh on the tree is bigger and bigger, shake got the branch all round to tremble accordingly rise.

The eye looks at that person face to cultivate brawny truncal also vibrated slightly accordingly rise, the white cotton expression of below the tree one pair of fierce look is shown slightly backed down hastily half pace.

Her heart says: Early the anchoret that hears to there is a bewitching bound in this grove, I searched to also be done not have for years so see he has shown a side, I should see today this is a He Fang wonder!

Candle can do not have her this daredevil courage, dozen hear a tree to upload at the beginning come when laugh, her secretly a person is smooth in returning the home.

Her 4 look around one, after affirming nobody, this ability of to walk gingerly had fastened bolt, white cotton of for fear that attracted the person with fierce what outside, on the head that finds her again later.

“Came back. “Came back..

Candle just inserted come to conceive put worry is low head to prepare to rest into house, side side transmitted a new man voice suddenly.

She was stupefied half second, look up suddenly.

Stand erect wears to wrap around personally before the man of weak aureate aba, sheet is will look from face posture, candle guessed this person share not general.

“Are you He Ren? ” candle subliminal in the future is retreating pace to ask.

Man. The station is worn in place look she step by step drop back, touch on the gate till the back after seeing her, laugh as before however and not language.

Right now, passed again inside house one male one female two sound.

“Small fire, is this the hole of that alluring woman that you say really? The alluring woman’s living standard is so high now ah! Live on big house… “

Tong Xiling is being looked up and down everywhere in house, see the cosmetic of sundry novelty on dresser a little while, carried the flagon on table to look quite a while up and down again a little while.

She never has seen a lot of things in this house outside, say these rouge soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes!

Even if the town with concealed ritzy in that way city, the visibility on street face arrives also be some of color only onefold buccal fat and a few simple balm.

And in this alluring woman hole of deep Lin Li, of the picture eye that having sundry draw eyebrow however, sort does not issue a few kinds! !

Tong Xiling conveniently takes the caddy with a delicate adornment, after opening, it is one arranges orderly quadrate groove together unexpectedly inside, the fill in groove became full several kinds of color.

She is open-eyed slightly piece wear what mouth was carrying box trot to arrive to boil great before.

“Boil great to boil great! You see this! ! ” Tong Xiling opens a box to show the color inside what boiling great at the moment, excited say: “Did not think of these alluring women still hold out what can enjoy really, hey! You say, if this thing carries the sentence that goes out sell on market, we were not to get rich! We were not to get rich!!

Boil the girl that great is black face look shows noisy slightly beside the move, demur does not say, stretch his hand to go up by the head in her directly, gently twist, the line of sight that lets Tong Xiling falls opposite to illuminate on the body.

“Mom! ! This is what ghost thing, grow so uglily how… “

Tong Xiling is illuminated appearance is frightened so that desertioned the thing in the hand, still take the advantage of even boil great carelessly, cold-shoulder cross lay a finger on eye shadow dish the loiter on the body that finger is boiling great loiter, although be cold-shouldered in the heart,boil great, but the petty action that also acquiesced in her.

“I do not have time to follow your ink marks, you are you are explained, still need me to start work? ” boil great is cold face to illuminate to this ask.

Candle foolish, muddled!

Business still considers the Bai Mianzhi that does not cross her to do not have brain than that expensive bit, think of will want to go, they this group the person can find this place, that smelly boy cannot take off Shang Chengan to concern for certain!

“Of Mom, shang Chengan you but hole is dead we! ” candle biting a tooth to be hated secretly.

Boiled great to hear her word, corners of the mouth of small close lightly, say: “I do not have acknowledge a mistake word, you are candle daughter. You are candle daughter..

“Candle daughter? What is that? ” Tong Xiling curiosity is flush, she is catching the garment horn that boils great to ask closely.

Before boiling great to stare at have sth in mind closely all over the face the candle of compunction the explanation: “She calls candle daughter, outside that is flour woman, they die because of the man twice before one’s death, after dying, read aloud because of complaining too big, cannot reincarnation reincarnation, stay in this world cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine.

“Candle schoolgirl comes appearance is deformed, the makeup that has skill center however technology. The makeup that has skill center however technology..

“Whenever go out when the appearance appearance that can dress up oneself bend country, when man abduct in one’s hand hind, can show true face, if this man does not cold-shoulder her appearance to stop, if this man runs away because of her appearance, candle daughter can take the advantage of the dim light of night to find a man, one is bitten on his body. One is bitten on his body..

“The Xiu Lian inside candle female body virulent, the following day this man awakes, meet all over red ache rises, do not give a week to be met toxic die! Do not give a week to be met toxic die!!

Candle daughter the recumbent door plank of conscientiously, listening to boil great to analyse her lifetime.

The one’s voice in speech that boils great just fell, candle was transmitted on sound.

She sneers say: “Breathe out good thing of ~ man neither one! It is some of guy that sees appearance only. It is some of guy that sees appearance only..

“Is what I am born ugly the fault that is me? I had endeavored so dressed up oneself that about, how in one’s hand duck or meeting fly! ? ??

Candle say more excited more, begin on the face that she still calculates level originally gradually showed trifling flaw.

She is extending a hand to boil great to attack forward, unripe swallowed boil great like.

Her heart was stimulated if boiling great most inner injury place, the body does not suffer pilot to show gave the ugliest one side.

Tong Xiling although to at the moment feminine bloodcurdling appearance is sent from the heart fear, but after all she just just was buckled to go up the renown date of 5 prince the wife of a prince.

Since had become the woman that boils great, how can be she harmed again in him man when sit by and watch no matter!

“Quick get out of the way! “Quick get out of the way!!

Tong Xiling is crying, stretch one’s hand will boil great to be pushed aside.

Candle recumbent and inertial, fail skid car, attacked at a draught in Tong Xiling’s bosom…

Tong Xiling takes the advantage of the kongfu of her stare blankly, stayed in pull up to illuminate hair, tear at rise.

“Growing uglily is not your fault, but you run fearsome can be you is incorrect! ” Tong Xiling is occupational advantage, she enrages bosomy strike dragging candle hair, pull her, the mouth teachs: “Those man may not that you fall in love with love you sincerely namely. “Those man may not that you fall in love with love you sincerely namely..

“They just are was puzzled by your outside place just, that is not true love! That is not true love!!

“You do not have even this resolution, see one loves, can good end just is blamed! ” ?

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