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Keep back the great waves in the heart, pin doubt, after all how the Hill before looks also is not a simple character.

“All right, we go immediately! ” Hill raises eyebrow, also refuse without the mouth, agreed instead.

Zhang Yi orchid sees the purpose is achieved, also do not say more, face about left.

Return oneself there, ross has filled rice congee, return a boiler cleaning, waiting for her.

Zhang Yi orchid sees she eats first without oneself, quite polite, this true hair liked to go up from the heart this child.

“They come over immediately, hum, we go moving a desk and chair! ” Zhang Yi orchid remembers a parking lot standing by the door to have a Xiaofang then child, there is the desk and chair that office uses inside.

Ross followed the past obediently, zhang Yi orchid uses the sword in the hand, cleavaged lock child. Push open the door, the grandpa travel dead body that has coat of a dress only, the hair was done not have, be closed it seems that long, did not have flesh and blood, weak climb to climb not to rise repeatedly.

Zhang Yi orchid sees without menace, receive bilbo, begin to move table: ? Chou of  of abstruse Pao stalk ah does the shovel wash rice mace male head does  of deep and remote Mi Niu depend on window Lin Lei Ying?

Zhang Yi orchid moves the table by carriage return, take wet dishcloth wipe up, brushed with dry towel again again.

Without giving thought to when, entertain guests have a meal, again pallet also not be afraid of, but it is completely must, this is the basiccest ceremony.

She has placed small dish and rice congee next, went taking the chopstick that Ross takes out in the space subsequently in the car, broach, with ladle.

Wait for Zhang Yi orchid to be returned when wanting to move a few bench again, discover grandpa travel cadaver had died, the ** on the head one knife, shed the black blood of one ground.

“So weak, do not have nucleus for certain, need not look. ” the travel dead body that Ross sees Zhang Yi orchid sees the ground go up, remind her not to waste effort digs the head of that cadaver.

Zhang Yi orchid did not talk, thinking Ross to had gotten used to this kind of life, her behoove is had not the teammate of hinder sb and glad, ke Zhangyi orchid however how glad also to do not rise.

Be expert at on corpse, found the key that opens back door, zhang Yi orchid wanted to save many jobs so. Break off the sound that opens door lock otherwise, inevitable meeting draws the attention of a cadaver, go out to moment car, travel cadaver is surrounded come up, although car rate is again rapid, want the head is big.

Moved 3 bench, zhang Yi orchid sees Luo Li silk and Hill had come over.

“Hey, sleep well in the evening? ” silk asks pair of Luo Li of enthusiasm of Zhang Yi orchid.

“Sleep very well, thank you! ” Luo Li silk is laughing to say, say to realize oneself said a thank again again, the face that feels embarrassed next is red.

Hill stretchs his hand cuddle Guo Luoli silk, be hostile to next staring at Zhang Yi orchid.

Luo Li silk looks up saw Hill, she instead of cuddle closer.

Luo Li silk is forced of have no alternative be opposite with the eyes Zhang Yi orchid says sorry to.

Zhang Yi orchid also was not cared about, anyway since the idea that saw him Hill was to interrupt silk of hook in Luo Li to join a group thoroughly.

This man is too strong, too flabby calm, oneself also do not control for certain.

“This is Ross, my little sister! ” Zhang Yi orchid has pulled Ross to say.

“You are good, I am Ross, very glad to know you! ” Ross is very polite say.

“Hello, ross, I am Luo Li silk, this is Hill, you grow very lovelily! ” it seems that Hill wakes to let Luo Li silk restore nature, speak highly of Ross happily.

Next Zhang Yi orchid is very amazed see, ross’ cheek appears red.

Ross realizes Zhang Yi orchid is staring at her, say rapidly: “The meal is cool, eat at once! Eat at once!!

Zhang Yi orchid sees she felt embarrassed, also did not make fun of her: ?

Next oneself sit down, sit down Luosila to him leg. Ross struggled to fall, effort is insufficient, also at odds sat down.

Back-to-back Luo Li silk and Hill also sit, xi Weier is very elegant took ladle and broach.

And Luo Li silk sees a chopstick, be stupefied, still took broach.

Zhang Yi orchid is looked at only oneself are taking a chopstick, also did not care about, began to eat to rise.

What a simple breakfast lets 4 people eat is very to one’s heart’s content, the meal is heated up inaccessibly in last phase of an age after all. Although outside the wall now and then the travel cadaver roaring that transmits, also the mood that a bit did not affect this warmth.

Eat meal collect Lisi and Ross to wash a bowl, the water different that looks at Luo Li silk to give out can, ross is apparent very glad, subsequently she also revealed her ice to prick to Luo Li silk, the other glacial a department that Luo Li silk does not reach 10 years old to this can person also be very admire, also do not eliminate to like Ross to have the appearance that cheats a gender very much. Next two people chatted to rise.

“Do you plan when to go? ” the glacial thorn that Hill also saw Ross hand is medium, ask Zhang Yi orchid.

“A little while, together? ” Zhang Yi orchid the put away of baby spirit stove oneself, blurt out offers.

“Hum! “Hum!!

“Hum? ” Zhang Yi orchid this hopeless Xierhui reply, did not think of he agreed actually.

She sees this callous man before have sth in mind, some are amazed.

“Then you clear away good thing first, come over a little while the course that next we are again consultative going out. ” Zhang Yi orchid wants to say.

“We all things had been cleared away, can set out at any time! ” Hill says to walk into a car in, sat deputy drive the position.

The space of dog day. Zhang Yi orchid can’ts help complaining read aloud pester a body, they also have a space! ! ?

Seem to have oneself only!

Clear away a thing, zhang Yi orchid returns driver’s seat to go up, ross and Luo Li silk sit at the back.

A few people begin to discuss a travel course. Saying is to discuss, do not pass.

Zhang Yi orchid takes out a piece of rough maps, pointing to say: “I climb the top of a wall to observe next conditions outside first, next we try the travel cadaver near draw away, reopen door goes out quickly, go directly, gave a garrison post, say again next. Say again next..

Say, discovering Luo Li silk and Ross is one face approve of. Hill continues the face does not have expression, look to be had no feeling for to what like.

Zhang Yi orchid is forced to enquire: “Hill, where is your opinion? Where is your opinion??

Hill watchs the sun outside the window, see Luo Li silk again, loath finally mouth: “Are you to say the condition outside observation climbing a wall? Then you go first. Then you go first..

Zhang Yi orchid is taking binoculars decisively, go on the road that climbs a wall. Bah bah, this climbs a wall to be not those to climb a wall.

On the wall that just climbs a building purely just.

She is pondering over Hill’s word: “Do this calculate the leadership position that agreed with this? Calculated, did not think, had warlike male mind anyway, the successful odds that oneself give a garrison post is twice for certain grew… hey! The successful odds that oneself give a garrison post is twice for certain grew… hey!!

Zhang Yi orchid takes a corner, observed below all around, go moving a small table subsequently in little room, began oneself ” climb a wall ” brigade.

Collected the cord of the corner, both hands is dragged, discovery is quite strong still.

Made a ring adroitly, zhang Yi orchid looks at accurate wall to go up raised that, throw rope, cover well and truly in that.

Exert all his strength to be dragged downward, felt to be no problem. Zhang Yi orchid takes out a sword, in wall body (the earthy wall of small inn of a wide place in the road) go up that cut out a hole, walk on the table next, step on that hole again, climbing cord upgrade to climb, continue dibble, climb again.

Perhaps be fitness increased a lot of, zhang Yi orchid feels he turns over a wall this than in the past much more relaxed.

Did she seem to reveal the fact that had still turned over a wall in the past? Take the advantage of everybody to still do not have an attention, cover the face runs away…

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