Case of 064 palace m广州品茶工作室ystery 13 | It is I killed Lin Yue

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Had answered everybody of the standing before audience hall of king cocoa see, those who head is Xuan green emperor, he look is earnest, look at oneself commandingly, king cocoa drops immediately sit on the ground, do not live in the mouth cry crying, “Majesty, pardon the offense, official concubine. . . . Whats do not know, more do not know Majesty. . . . Visit. Official concubine. . . . . ” her shoulder does not stop shaking, sound is being sent quiver, link a sentence also cannot coherent.

See her this appearance, cheng Yi starts to talk, “Be added by evil spirit after one’s death, the thing that does all can forget. The thing that does all can forget..

Xuan green emperor sighed at a heat, cheng Yi continues to ask, “What did the Mid-autumn Festival before you still remember be in two years produce? The place with wrong where to find? The place with wrong where to find??

In considering fat marriage to enter Xiao Yiyan’s dream, before witnessing two years mid-autumn that evening, the instant that Xiao Yiyan poison breaks out, this thing considers fat marriage after the event and Cheng Yi to had said in detail, two people guess 10 have 89, ling Tian can add a body that evening in king cocoa body.

King cocoa complain tearfully, “Yes, that evening I. . . . Drank boiling water of a bowl of ginseng, feel incorrect interest that evening, feel confused I am then dizzy in the past, when waiting for me to awake. . . . Had been several day hind, received the information with prince toxic highness after that. Hearing is. . . . ..

The marriage that consider fat and Cheng Yi’s two people looked each other tacitly, the be clear in the heart, original Ling Tian did not divest king cocoa originally the soul, in some moment, he can be smoked from body of one’s previous experience, replace king cocoa originally fetch knowledge, just hold her body in Ling Tian during, her entirely does not know the thing of place happening.

Xuan green emperor looks at her commandingly, complexion is depressed, “Continue to say. “Continue to say..

“It is the poison below Huang Guifei allegedly, i. . . I. . . . . ” her second half sentence how to say not to come out, cheng Yi sees state, a spirit was held to flow in the centre of the palm, biff forward of king cocoa hind the back is hit. She became medium cuss, the instant second half sentence conscientiously from beginning to end spoke out, do not take the least bit card to pause.

“I feel affirmation is the child that she wants him circumvent at that time, fear the one’s own woman that highness of some day prince is informed her is not him is close, can identify her no longer. And I am early want to start work. And I am early want to start work..

The marriage that consider fat asks, “Start work? Do you also think circumvent prince? Do you also think circumvent prince??

“Not, I wanted to kill Wang Zheng. I wanted to kill Wang Zheng..

Xiao Yiyan Wen Yan is aflame with passion, his growl, “You think everybody resembles you there is an interest only in same key point, the one’s own child that misses him circumvent only, mother the wife of a prince and you are different! Mother the wife of a prince and you are different!!

“Phlogistic, you do not want first excited. ” Xuan green emperor persuades.

“Mother the wife of a prince? You return keep on saying of have the nerve to say that is your mother the wife of a prince, she is your one’s own mother far from, are you early in the morning knew, besides, you design the mother the wife of a prince that killed you with one’s own hands, you are returned personally and I say, she deserves the punishment. Didn’t you remember, prince highness. Prince highness..

Listen to last, everybody happens to coincide look to bed couch the Xiao Yiyan there.

Xiao Yiyan right now also no longer impatient, he slowly mouth path, “It is the unripe parent that who killed me with one’s own hands after all, it is whose impute the mother the wife of a prince at me, I think you should be clear. Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of appropriate the wife of a prince. Need me to look for a witness to you? Need me to look for a witness to you??

Wang Ke can be full of fear in the eyes, her boil with anger, “Not be me. . . Not be me. . . . I. . . ..

Cheng Yi held a part again, forward king cocoa is hit.

At this moment, hear a female voice only, quiet mouth, “It is me, it is I was killed first empress, it is I killed Lin Yue. It is I killed Lin Yue..

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