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” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 1937 words, update at: 2020-05-23 06:00

The door did not shut, dream appearance saw the case inside the room clearly, a suit of bright red foam is blood lie on the bed, ji Qilang is him cautiously to handle cut.

Dream appearance entered a room: “How to return a responsibility? “How to return a responsibility??

Saw a Zhu Mei, he is frail very carry soon appearance seeing a dream.

Ji Qilang lowers his head to dare not talk, in a low voice subsequently: “We are in hind drug is extracted in Shan Shulin, be not known what person made a surprise attack, 2 senior fellow apprentice to save me, of the injury very heavy “

Dream appearance: “Knew, you go out first “

Ji Qilang looks at dream appearance hesitantly.

Dream appearance looks at him meaningfully: “Or else goes out 2 senior fellow apprentice are saved really did not come back “

Ji Qilang is to be stupefied first, carry after the foot gave the door.

Dream appearance: “Close the door, everybody is put “

Dream appearance examined cut to Zhu Mei, be quite serious, cut is very deep, still bleed in great quantities.

While dream appearance checks cut to Zhu Mei, zhu Mei helped her arm, “I have a word to say “

Dream appearance enters a few point in the pinprick that use silver, what before blood is done not have however, flow is so exaggerative, “Wait for you became good besides not late also “

Zhu Mei is determined to helping the arm of dream appearance, exhausted effort, say: “I like you “

The behavioral halt on dream old hand, continued very quickly nevertheless again, after looking at Zhu Mei to say, loosened to be asleep at a heat actually. She cannot help feeling comical.

Wait for her to handle good cut to Zhu Mei, after wrapping up, a door sees a flock of people wait in the doorway, everybody looks at her, she also does not know what to say, “That, did not sleep? Did not sleep??

Grind deep and clear: “Sleeping how possibly, his have nothing to do? His have nothing to do??

Dream appearance: “Do not have a thing, my this highly skilled doctor moves, can you still save do not come back? Nevertheless later period take good care of sb does not have a half an year to raise do not come back “

Great Master elder brother sees Xiang Mengyi anxiously energetically: “That wants how take good care of sb, what should notice? With take good care of sb of what medicinal material? Still say to want to use red drug? Still say to want to use red drug??

Dream appearance: “Hum, later I write you, elder brother of troublesome tonight Great Master takes care of 2 senior fellow apprentice, cut does not touch water, fasten catch a cold, cannot let him perspire, perspire brush to him, basically do not make him calorific, what still is coming next, waited for me to think of to tell you again “

Energetically: “Good, I can take care of good Zhu Mei, be at ease give I “

Grind deep and clear: “Can that red medicine eat? “Can that red medicine eat??

Dream appearance is looked at grind deep and clear, “OK, mix hemostaticly resumptive red medicine is OK, other did not eat in disorder “

Subsequently, dream appearance let everybody come loose, this are dry dry go, call Ji Qilang nevertheless.

Two people will manage the place of nobody, ji Qilang cannot help starting to talk: “Dream appearance, what thing to still have? What thing to still have??

“Have, a choice title needs you to do now ” dream appearance laughs.

“What chooses a topic “

Dream appearance laughs look at him, wanting to see him is what reaction: “Clever garden, or 100 think world? Or 100 think world??

See Ji Qilang pupil is subliminal only contractive, there’s still time still is done not have to have what action on the hand, a silver-colored needle has been touched in his neck, “Choose “

Ji Qilang did not give out immediately however the answer, two people such refuse to budge very long period of time, ultimate dream appearance calls in silver-colored needle, face about leaves, “It is to waste my time really, go back slept “

Ji Qilang is slow-witted slow-witted be stupefied in place: “I had not replied “

“You had been chosen, from what you decide to save Zhu Mei that rises momently, didn’t you make good choice? ” dream appearance saw him, hitting next breathe out answer a room.

Ji Qilang stood for ages in place, sighed finally, also answer a room, “Feminine not to be trifled with “

The following day the match continues, dream appearance mixes the note medicinal material, all thinkable are written down gave Great Master elder brother, great Master elder brother and small moon also decide to stay take care of Zhu Mei, xia Xiaoxiao and Luo star stay in him room, do not plan to watch the game, in case the it may not be a bad idea that what needs to help shows up immediately.

Dream appearance begins in the match hind, come to oneself old place, did not take a book however today, watch the game while, from time to time the way of forest of hill of in the future looks.

It is to grind right now deep and clear and a when think world 100 female child are enrolled too, she calls Zheng Yuan, the helper goes out action none be irresolute when firmness is needed, carry a small of the back only, collarband, sleeve attack.

The complexion of dream appearance gradually cold come down, it is some of fellow that enjoys back.

“Good-looking? “Good-looking??

Dream appearance a shiver, remove gooseflesh continuously all over, the man’s sound rises in the noise side ear, and leave exceedingly nearly, the gas of man expiration is hit on her ear continuously.

The hair that sees dream appearance only is flashy become red, the man becomes stunned, by her one palm hits chest, went backwards a few paces.

Wait for him to stand firm, dream appearance has been in he is 100 meters beyond, nevertheless expression returned to normal however, also change answered her originally hair is lubricious.

One face subdues the man knead knead wind, fall to disappear in place momently.

Dream appearance oneself are a few soberer hind, affirmed so after the man went, just traded a place, continue to watch the game.

See Zheng garden is in and grind only when deeping and clear to enrol, intended drag her chatelaine, grind deep and clear one shakes a god, zheng Yuan pulled her sleeve again, by her so one lane, grind deep and clear to also do not have idea match, pull with her again, show adventitious is troubled by a what jest to come.

What had not come is urgent make response, see Zheng Yuan is pulled suddenly only, came to her arm tear down actually. A the spot is ineffable quiet.

Zheng Yuan throws away rapidly the arm in the hand: “Really feel sorry, my strength is greater, did not control “

The spot or quiet, nobody talks, have an eye look come out, she is intended.

On a black shadow arena, took off appearance to give grind deep and clear drape, grind deep and clear saw him, it is a surname the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces.

Grind deep and clear to did not refuse however, drape appearance to plan to exit arena.

“Hello, our match still does not have an end “

Zheng Yuan came suddenly so, reminded however grind deep and clear, a surname the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces shakes shake one’s head, see her follow see fool like, living and bad?

Grind deep and clear before going up a few paces, zheng Yuan is subliminal regressive, “Are you dry? I, I had won, you are like the dog of the cloud to destroy custom “

Look at her to pointing to a surname the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to begin to scold, this is scolded, true still with respect to rile clever garden everybody, grind deep and clear luck effective power, the time that blinks comes to her before, swung her spank directly.

See Zheng Yuan is flown to by what this spank pats only far, the see stars when be born, buccal foam.

Grind deep and clear swing refuse, look at the 100 everybody that think world coldly, “Really feel sorry, my strength is great, did not control good “

Although a face about, handsome and nonofficeholding went.

Mo Rong the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is looked at grind deep and clear leaving back, eye ground is a smile completely, subsequently face about, frozen eyes looks at the 100 people that consider world, “Next, who? Who??

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