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When the smile that sees they are cankered, dream appearance knows, affirmation won’t have a good work.

Subsequently just as one would expect, say what wants to help her overcome recreant shortcoming, want to take her to go to a place, gave her a pail of meat mashed vegetable or fruit that thoroughlied cook, saying feed a cat to use.

When dream appearance reachs destination truly, she a keck chamfer, “Very big a cat “

And that group takes her comer, do not see figure early.

Do not pass it may not be a bad idea, need not install them to look at least.

Dream appearance is carrying mashed vegetable or fruit of that pail of meat, look at the colossus before, this is the cat that they say.

This is lion of wool of a gold, blue pupil, carry long wing on the back, be carried on the back after and 4 sufficient have argent distinctive grain.

Be a demon animal with powerful actual strength.

Golden lion to dream appearance it is blusterous, subsequently of tooth of give a talking-to forward dream appearance is stood by, when going to the front of her body, dream appearance drops the barrel in the hand, one is held in the arms went up golden lion.

The wool before golden lion bosom is effeminate very, dream appearance buries the face into Mao Li, the growl with golden malcontent lion a few.

Subsequently dream appearance is forced to unlock it, feed a meal first, both the feeling of be in harmony of its Le Rong.

What dream appearance does not know is, far, have so a pair of eyes see blink what do not blink to look at this one act, subsequently he was immersed in contemplative.

This Bai Ran that is one of 3 the rank of nobility.

This is a 20 men that come forward, there is a mask on the face, of custom of an argent hair bind after the head, so the station is pinnacled looking attentively at dream appearance, the garment is placed and hair as gentle breeze had blown, gently waveringly.

Another right now, then a flock of appearances that bring a dream feed leonine women to get together lot is talking.

The old that be the first, “Rare peace childe meets what look at with new eyes to me certainly, but I am helping his demon animal play knife and fork again “

Attendant armour: “Be, we are filled with but be consider of rare peace childe everywhere,be filled with elder sister, rare peace childe knew certain and glad “

Attendant second: “Be filled with be filled with elder sister Childe He Xining to go together, it is a perfect match between a man and a girl simply “

Attendant third: “You say, that woman’s recreant defect cured not “

Attendant armour laughs: “Even if did not cure also do not have an opportunity, those go in previously the lion that feed gold Yours Excellency, but entered it in abdomen “

Attendant man assentations, “But golden lion adult likes this to plant most tender tender flesh, change doing can be broken bits at ordinary times not remnant “

Attendant third: “That is, is who feeds golden lion to Your Excellency that does past doorway put food to run? Also be filled with those who was filled with elder sister to get golden lion Yours Excellency to approbate “

Attendant second: “Besides be filled with be filled with elder sister, who can still do not have living had come out, lian Jinshi Youred Excellency to be approbated, rare peace childe also won’t be looked down upon for certain be filled with those who be filled with elder sister “

They are the first be filled with be filled with the halt with factitious elder sister, return to normal subsequently, laugh: “Good, bit more how old thing, went to be not carried again “

Be filled with be filled with remember that, she is being forced go feeding golden lion, her best finally friend replaced her, she had not gone in at all, final authority looks at her safe and sound, came out the hearsay that she is approbated by golden lion, later ineffable also much a lot of will please the female child that insinuate people.

Very fast the sadness that she forgot to lose a friend, be enmeshed in this kind of feeling that is recalled to hold in both hands.

Subsequently, see attendant third talked in whispers again only, “Do not know golden lion Yours Excellency full to today’s food meaning “

“It is quite satisfactory “

Everybody is frightened by the sound of this arise suddenly jump, all the face about that one face frightens looks to back, see dream appearance is carrying empty barrel only, cautious accost with them.

Dream appearance is pursy brows, “I you did not see one face about. So big cat, still be to frighten me to jump really, thank you to help me overcome recreant problem very much, I feel I am like not so was afraid of “

Everybody one face absurd expression, be filled with be filled with most first calm down, “That gold lion Yours Excellency it. . . ..

Dream appearance one face is pure smile, “It is very lovely, very docile, still let me hold in the arms coming “

They are a mysterious expression, be filled with be filled with one face to frighten, “How, how likely, do not have what the person can get golden lion to approbate, can living without the person come out, you lie “

Face be filled with the violent rage that be filled with, the look that dream appearance is threatened one pair, back down at once.

Be filled with be filled with the fury in cannot restraining a heart, carry the hand is about to make dream instrument.

Dream appearance was frightened jump, threw one Jiao not carefully, look at what that fie fie approachs to be filled with, of eyeful terrified.

And at hand also had an action, silver-colored needle is already preliminary in the hand good.

“Are you working? ” a severe male voice is transmitted.

Be filled with be filled with the movement in stopping a helper, see bearer, the instant became red orbit, “Rare peace childe “

Full is grievance, asing if to a moment ago wanted those who lay a person to start work is not her, she just is be bullied that.

Be filled with the tear that be filled with to say to come, “Rare peace childe, she insults this woman you, returning lion vituperation gold to Your Excellency is a beast that has a person, i, I had been not enraged, just wanting to teach her a lesson “

Dream appearance: “. . . ” does she have had said?

Ran Xining fix eyes on sees Xiang Mengyi, stand by step by step subsequently, whole journey does not have justifiable meeting to be filled with.

Be filled with be filled with saw, the one happy event in the heart, at once: “Rare peace childe you need not move to teach her a lesson personally, it is good that I come “

Ran Xining stops offal pace, see rubbish see Xiang Yingying commonly, very bloodcurdling eyes, “You calculate a what thing, those who chirp is noisy dead “

Be filled with be filled with be frightened so that be stupefied to dare not talk in place.

Ran Xining comes to dream appearance before, dream appearance looks up saw her, made next and be filled with the reaction like be filled with.

On Ran Xining face one pair cold-shoulders expression, and dispute often is cold-shouldered, did not react in everybody subsequently when coming over, single hand is carried had dream appearance.

Be filled with be filled with the attendant with her people one face is astonished, see Ran Xining was taking dream appearance to fly away.

Dream appearance so the move that be carried, did not revolt, secretly saw him, have to so be being carried?

Will raise the animal field of golden lion all the way, next Ran Xining follows handgrip dream appearance so lose, as it happens is lost in golden lion at the moment.

One person one lion is old glare is small soon return a little while, ultimate dream appearance is true one face doubt see Xian Ranxi look rather.

This goods wants to work after all.

This looks, discover Ran Xining beside the move that return a station two people, although just came when saw, just look up and down seriously now nevertheless.

Ran Xining is who one pair sees the appearance of accurate, a piece of smelly face. He the expression of that one deputy playgoing beside, arrive from expression the eyes, watch the scene of bustle completely not to disrelish the look with big thing. And dream appearance thinks this is that wretched man in clever garden housetop.

A bit some further, standing to think white hair man, carrying a mask.

Dream appearance heart thinks, this is be puzzled of that evil spirit probably 3 the rank of nobility.

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