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” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 2012 words, update at: 2020-07-17 00:43

The gate was chained, dream appearance is thinking originally from above enter, was prevented by Tian Jiu.

The destruction that sees he is violent only door lock, “Upper part has defence model clever implement “

After entering day home, tian Jiu is not to be very interested, dream appearance goes, he follows.

Two people are not anxious also, dream appearance so leisurely rambling, “Say, small black you live which courtyard “

Listening to her to crying chronically small black, day nine corners of the mouth is ticked off case.

At least, the relation of two people, because he is Tian Jiu,do not have and change.

“Hum, ” Tian Jiu saw circuit, “With respect to, most among a the biggest that “

Hearing this word, dream appearance saw circuit, see that is the most luxurious, hold the courtyard with the largest area.

“This, ” dream appearance is interrogative: “Does your person live? “Does your person live??

Tian Jiu replies at will: “Hum, there is someone else in the courtyard that I do not like me “

Dream appearance looks to him, “I can look? “I can look??

Little black hint: “Hum “

Subsequently, follow in dream appearance beside.

Dream appearance saw circuit into the courtyard, the layout of the courtyard is simple very, without what special.

Look at dream appearance to have some of disappointment, day nine say: “My not very is staying in the home “

Dream appearance saw him, final, whats did not ask.

What home seeing a day looks is about the same also, do not have the place with special what.

If extortionary if saying, that is day home all spirit implement.

In the sky have defence spirit implement, the building also is to use clever implement consolidate passes, this also is why the cause that day home did not damage in this battle.

Look at colour of sky to darken gradually, although be opposite they such repairing bed person does not have too big impact, be in nightly what also can look is very clear, but the plan that dream appearance also did not ramble again.

“Small black, ” two people are mirrorring moon, going side-by-side, “Refine implement difficult? “Refine implement difficult??

Tian Jiu looks at dream appearance, light tone: “Want to learn? “Want to learn??

Dream appearance shakes his head deny: “Also not be, it is some curiosity, after all now, had done not have 7 taste refine implement master “

The day shows a smile on nine face: “Next time the opportunity does one handle take the advantage of the weapon of the hand to you “

“Good ” dream appearance also is laughing to agree.

Two people have those who do not have to chatting, after leaving day home, not rapid also move answers hotel, two people should be all over the sky so under stars, slowly going.

Afterwar halcyon, appear all the more precious.

Return hotel, she waits in her room entrance with respect to star seeing Luo, see Luo star is carrying bend on the back to stand in that, dream appearance is stupefied.

Luo star sees they came back, started to talk first, “Elder sister, I think all previous is experienced “

Dream appearance is stupefied, instead is not very open-eyed, “Hum, want caution, I wait for you to come back “

Smile was shown long-unseenly on Luo star face, “Elder sister, you are waiting for me to become strong to come back to protect you “

When saying this word, tian Jiu coughed gently, see Xiang Luo bit.

Dream appearance also was heard cough sound, disregarded, look at Luo star, “Go now? “Go now??

Must say, still have a few lose.

Luo star is laughing to comfort her, “I want to set out quickly, when arriving come back very some earlier “

The way is other word, did not say more.

Other time is divided in this, two people do not know what to should say.

Because,also be probably, two people were not mixed truly whose serious talk has been fastened.

Star of Luo of watch sb go away leaves, after returning a room, dream appearance is rare not was asleep.

Actually she is repaired this for early did not have a meal the demand that sleep, because she likes,just stopped.

The following day, dream appearance restored vitality, he Tianjiu together, go into the street eating cake.

It is good that Tian Jiu is staring at dream appearance a little while, dream appearance looks questioningly to him, at this moment he just starts to talk, “Accompany me to go to a place? “Accompany me to go to a place??

Dream appearance looks at Tian Jiu, laughed, also asking is, agreed, “Good “

After waiting for dream appearance to eat, tian Jiu is natural very pull the hand that has her, a twinkling moves, come to forest in.

Look at all round, dream appearance is subliminal look to him: “Apocalyptic? “Apocalyptic??

Tian Jiu nods, “Hum, go seeing a friend “

Saying, did not unlock the hand of dream appearance, pulling her however, forward a direction goes.

Dream appearance sees he does not have the meaning of let go, also did not care about, so follow him to go.

It is good to went a little while, dream appearance notices, an any demon animal did not see all round, it is a plant, walk along Yue Maocheng forth more, to later, even everywhere sees all sorts of rare clever drug.

“Want to be dug ” the about that looks at dream appearance to see clever drug, tian Jiu started to talk.

The seeing with dream serious appearance to him, “True? “True??

“Hum ” saying, loosened silently hand, liberated her both hands.

After dream appearance gets the result, happy laugh, take out a tool to begin to dig clever medicine from the space.

Tian Jiu is not anxious also, from time to time still make a right-hand seat to dream appearance.

What dream appearance digs is carried, also did not note time, tian Jiu also did not remind, set till the sun when, dream appearance just reacts come over.

Look at Tian Jiu, blink blink an eye, ” , delay too long? Delay too long??

Tian Jiu pays no attention to saying, “Do not have a thing, not anxious “

Hearing this word, dream appearance is decisive be at ease, continue leisurely picked spirit medicine of You Zai.

Small rest, the 2nd day, dream appearance also does not extract drug, “Go seeing your friend first “

Tian Jiu looks at her, “Not anxious “

Dream appearance is laughing to: “When clever medicine can go back, dig again, not urgent this temporarily, so, go seeing your friend first “

See Tian Jiu admitted to think a little while really only, nod finally: “Good “

Saying, he reachs his hand, waiting for dream appearance, what to say.

Did not look at projecting hand, was stupefied, hesitated.

Tian Jiu is not anxious also, so waiting for her to make a response.

Finally, dream appearance reachs a hand, pulled his hand.

This is first time, dream appearance pulled his hand actively.

All the way, two people are silent, did not talk, now and then peek the hand that pulls and the person that involve, the expression on the face does not have what different when peace.

But, only themselves knows, have what thing, and different before.

Took a paragraph of very long way, eventually, when the figure that sees a colossus, day Jiu Fang became slow footstep.

Dream appearance looks this up and down curiously before ‘ become known hill ‘ , also noticed, its next, pressing the dragon bare fruit of all ages on one individual plant, the fructification of above was about very quickly to mature.

See this, dream appearance has some of be envious, pulling Tian Jiu, saying in a low voice, “Your this friend, unusual spirit medicine is not little “

Tian Jiu also sees dream appearance looks at the expression of dragon bare fruit, begin to wanting how to come to hand seriously.

Thinking so, look at ‘ become known hill ‘ direction: “Tiger child, rose “

Dream appearance looks to him, differ at ordinary times with him, when saying this word, do not have in his sound any mood, frosty sound, listening to let a person not by awe-stricken.

Say, tian Jiu sees Xiang Mengyi, see she is blinking what do not blink to look at him only, it is open-eyed become reconciled surprises completely in the eye, not was fear of however.

Tian Jiu feels ineffably to there are a few warm ideas in the heart, the shallow smile that also shows on the face.

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