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” infinite meet charitable person of on 10 ages when the system ” it is a Xiaobai only / , this chapter in all 3379 words, update at: 2020-08-22 16:40

Xiao Xiao did in the evening that day very long very long dream, in the dream, she is looking on a lifetime of another woman is experienced, see they are tormented by those people deadly, helpless however. Midnight time, a beautiful woman, taking a handkerchief to brushing sweat to the Xiao Xiao on the bed. And there is sanguine mist on the body that be like dawn, still from time to time appear the mist with a will red golden light is attenuant, arrive all the time the mist with all will red golden light is all and attenuant, xiao Xiaocai opened an eye.

Look at defend the woman in bedside, couldn’t help shedding tear, extend a hand to want to touch the face of that woman, but because very tired out without effort, extended a half only, and the woman is very understanding low the head puts Xiao Xiao’s hand to him face. “Certain at that time very painful, you are how to be borne those who come over ah. . . I just look on I have a kind of choking feeling merely, then you are to have much anguish after all. ” talking sound is being taken choke with sobs.

The wife did not say, just get into by what will cry in the nest cannot oneself girl is held in the arms was in in the bosom, light tone hum move canzonet, patting her gently, cry till her tired be asleep. Holding the girl in the bosom in the arms, she remembered the thing previously. She and those children are same, it is the aggregation that those resentment incomplete read aloud. If be individual anguish only, return sustainable word, so this kind of anguish that gathers together can drown the person thoroughly simply.

Remember those things, the shade on feminine body enrages those who do not control to be risked outside, move till what conceive the girl uneasiness in, female talent controls shade energy of life. Calculated, anyway those things had gone, the mainest now is the following life, have the company of this child, should the meeting is very interesting.

Awake the following day Xiao Xiao is opened hardly open one’s eyes, cried for ages last night, the eye is very so painful cannot help wanting to knead with the hand, be blocked, see that person is light with handle gently on her eye only stroke passes, her eye immediately good. Couldn’t help holding the hand before ” elder sister, you are very fierce, how to accomplish? ” resembling was to forget everything painful yesterday, xiao Xiao vigor the 4 asking that shoot.

“I still can accomplish more, these can know after you. ” see Xiao Xiao and do not have by oneself those once were perplexed, how did in a way leave a heart. Saw eye colour of sky be like dawn to wear begin unbearably to wash gargle hastily, the woman’s helpless laugh laughs to also make the best of time to help her comb became good hair.

Still be slick way, still be that tourist guide, still be that driver, again sat coach. What they come today is one is had special the castle that has historical feeling. Just step into the castle that momently, light becomes darkness, but very fast everybody is astonished by the luxurious place inside this, extravagant, exceeding luxury.

Still moving back and forth ceaselessly inside all sorts of handsome male belle, after seeing them, those handsome male belle belt is worn alluring smile walked over. Look at each by the mem and women of bewitch, xiao Xiao cannot help supporting the specified number. “Are these people not long memory? Either be just just come out by rescue? Oneself is this jump inside past trap again? ” defend a few people beside Xiao Xiao, laughed with a few words that restrain the person with wonderful force to hear her.

“Look this task is courage respectively, influence and beautiful description or fortune? ” after Xiao Xiao thought, whisper phonate? After is sincere elder brother heard, cannot help asking ” what do this and courage right and beautiful description have to concern? ” it is a flock of dot are mixed only obviously a flock of women, if the United States is lubricious, still calculate the limit that touch a point.

“If you do not have gutty word, it is to do not have method, of the test that passes that group of dot. And same, you are likely feeling of it doesn’t matter, can be the word as the woman, getting on to an outpost of the tax office again is the alluring sex that has power very much. ” the sort of feeling that can control other at will, xiao Xiao explains.

“If say this,be courage right and beautiful description. Understanding the requirement that involve so completely is kindheartedness, commiserative, understand? This test that ultimate mission is human nature simply. ” if the person that He Xiaoxiao knows has some of understanding to be like dawn more or less, “Are you affirmatory? ” one looks some ask about man of many years old 30 confusedly.

“How long you are tiredly in this game? ” of the incongruous that be like dawn ask, “30 old? ” the say that the man is leading dot vicissitudes of life. “Here so old you, the likelihood is not to understand these very much. So old in, the thing that you encounter is too much, early had lost original dinkum. Take those children for, it is very dangerous that you see the first their reaction is them, be far from them as far as possible. And when seeing those women, can feel disgusted very much, can cannot help thinking homicide even. But all however metropolis ignores the story behind them. ” .

Say to point to point to all round ” resemble be here, the meeting with those shallow experience by bewitch, of those experience having a place with respect to can subliminal join in the fun on occasion, and you can choose to disregard. Say so, coma. But you are disregard, also cannot break away from this carbon, do you know? Enter this castle to begin from you, cannot have left, unless connect,close. ” look they are the drink those keeping people a thousand miles away people that did not notice those are depressed. So this also is ultimate mission, the worst place.

Resemble Xiao Xiao commonly such, passed the person of a few tasks only, won’t have the possibility that enters final job, what can feel oneself are experienced only is insufficient still, not fierce still, still do not enter the court death in ultimate mission such idea. But unluckily only this is planted new enter game, without the person of so much thought, ability looks thoroughly this true one side of final copy.

“All and diffuse, also be used without what here! ” say be cannottinged help by the Xiao Xiao of some be scared that those people stare at. Originally little elder brother they are to want to follow Xiao Xiao, but all the way ceaseless somebody will accost, slowly follow actually lost!

A person overflows Xiao Xiao aimless going, came continuously a rosary. An extremely delicate rose appears in at the moment ” beautiful girl, how do you go out to be here now? Don’t those people on the banquet have what you like? ” this road seems to be familiar with very much! Resemble elder sister and ducal aggregate a bit.

Look toward the direction of talker, see a complexion is cadaverous only, a silver hair and a pair of eyes like blood, long extremely pretty *** is over there. Bloodsucker?

“Did not like, I a moment ago was mixed companion be lost, see here very beautiful, come in so look. ” be like Xiao Mo so called say, at the same time also oversight his appearance. This can make this avowed be the most handsome bloodsucker eager to do well in everything rise.

More press close to is like dawn, show oneself advantage before Xiao Xiao entirely, in this castle somebody can reject him, it is he distains only they just. But he did not have those who think of this to come up against a super big iron plate, to the Xiao Xiao of beautiful lubricious complete immunity. From each Boss that oneself family goes to to be encountered here, neither one is not pretty incomparable person, to beautiful description so this kind of thing is like dawn is very difficult really enchanted.

“Can is take leave of so close? There is a kind of very strange taste on your body, I do not like very much. ” that is a kind of extremely powerful blood fishy smell, but be like dawn to had not heard so thick blood fishy smell, can saying only so is strange flavour.

Strange flavour, the hematic fishy smell on my body? The bloody air cover on subliminal ginger body comes down, be interested very much very much again He Xiaoxiao say ” I discover beautiful girl suddenly I fall in love with you, stay to accompany me here? I can give you countless precious jewelry, beautiful dress, everything what you want. ” does the person here cover what doesn’t the road change repeatedly?

“You had these words said to a lot of people? Otherwise how so skilled? You say these I have, and indescribable fall in love with a person, don’t you feel this very pull? ” the is far from this special narcissism person that resembles Xiao Yi to nod. “Of course you are the first, also can be a exclusive. Those are only next, but I can give you eternal life, changeless appearance, and forever company, are these enough? ” the superior move that the bloodsucker of this moment is taking a kind to stand high above the masses looks at Xiao Xiao.

“Oh ” Xiao Xiao is cool answer, at this moment bloodsucker, the say that some are dumbfounded ” didn’t you listen clear? I can give you eternal life. ” , xiao Xiao laughed to had taken the flower in bloodsucker hand, shake say ” next? Degenerate in the life of this so called eternity next? ” the bloodsucker that looks at whole person deadlocked to live.

Xiao Xiao admits to look really to him ” one the individual’s lifetime, although brief but can let a person recall lifetime however, small when have father and mother be very fond of, the look that there is a friend when going to school is accompanied, what there is a lover after be brought up is happy, what there is the child after marrying is happy, aged hind the give presents that has the child, what there perhaps is a lot of during this is rough, but wonderful also however very. ” .

Continue in the in brooding Xiao Xiao of bloodsucker ” but if I have eternal life hind, I can look at my friend only, family, ceaseless often go dying, and I or originally about. You say your can permanent company, but just also say just who can lasting for company a person? ” .

This Xiao Xiao is stood by actively ” take you for, you have eternal life, changeless appearance, the person beside you also is not to go all the same, can neither one person stay for you? Otherwise, you also won’t keep those people in the castle here. Spoken parts in an opera, you also very fear oneself is a person? ” look at the garment horn with bloodsucker automatic calm, bright red eye eye is staring at him to death to death, look to come out to say painful foot.

“Have interest and me to leave here, go looking outside the world with much colorful appearance. ” see a person (bloodsucker) offend be like Xiao Anfu urgently to, just thought huffish bloodsucker is stupefied, this is what operation. “Be here anyway, you also whats are done not have. Look at these people to be able to let you feel only more alone. Be inferior to leaving with me see different view, perhaps won’t have this kind of feeling. ” bloodsucker considered, discovery is completely OK, and this child looks unlike is the palm accuses desire very strong person.

“Cough, since the invitation of your sincere desire, that looks along with you. ” bloodsucker is absent bumbling, be proud the say of charming. Xiao Xiao laugh reachs a hand, it is difficult that this closes to say actually difficult also, say to be returned not hard true not difficult. Everything what be here hard hard lets a person very hard refuse, cate, beauty, costly enjoyment, the mankind is the simplest also most hard the voracious appetite of give up. But once rejected everything,can become very simple, see the real features of red pink skeleton clear, should leaving this castle is things only. Of course, your whats are done also of no help, you should say Boss to connect ability travel, also perhaps go Boss spirit away so like Xiao Xiao.

Card card in one’s hand, xiao Xiao walks out of rosary, saw wait for the little elder brother over, laughing to run over ” we are connected closed, go, give the castle. ” not be everybody can put down these, even if regained consciousness to come over, have some of person or do not wish to leave, xiao Xiao coerces they leave impossibly also, taking the person that is willing to leave to walk out of the castle. When the instant that they leave, those names that keep the person that be here disappear entirely.   

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